How to have an open mind

The mind is a very occupied place. Even when we feel it’s not busy it is always busy. Some people are tired of thinking about the same thing, some are tired of having their minds occupied with too many things, some are not sure if they are maximizing the potential of their minds. One thing is sure we all want to have a mind filled with positive thoughts, plus it should be relaxed even if we are under a lot of pressure.

Luckily for you I have been through that and I’ve found a way that works. It does not happen overnight. It’s a gradual conscious process. Don’t let me bore you with all these words, let’s get to the point!.

Having an open mind.

First we must know that the key to having an open mind is to make changes on previous ways of thinking about things. With that said I’d give my guide lines.

Say after me “no negative vibes”
You can’t allow it and you won’t allow it. No negative thoughts. No sad news. Only positivity. You have to look at the good side of everything, so you can feel the good side of everything.

Paradigm shift
This is essential. It is normal for us to judge people, especially those who do not seem to have the same believe that we have. The paradigm shift means “change in perspective”, which is simply not allowing our minds to go the usual way. Rather, make a conscious effort to see things from another’s point of view. This is the foundation of an open mind. If you cannot do this, you cannot have an open mind.

Dont judge before you try
If you really want to have that awesome mind you cannot afford to have limiting thoughts. Just do it, don’t ponder too much about it. My best friend used to hate pizza. She said it looked somehow, when she finally tried it….she loved it!
Why jump into conclusion so fast when you don’t even know how it feels. You need to try it. It might end up becoming your favorite.

Learn new stuffs
I know it feels like I’m saying the same thing. Believe me I’m not. It’s a process and until you embark on this journey, everything I’m saying would sound the same. You have to learn something new. Take dance classes, learn nail arts, learn how to draw, enroll in a swim school…just do something new! Learn it! It would be fun!!
If you cannot afford to pay for what you want to learn, honey there is the internet. I always loved ballet and most of the knowledge I have today about dance and ballet and the body, I learnt from the internet. I even learnt how to bake from the internet. There are tons of free information just floating around. Grab em!!

Practice what you’ve learnt. Do new things
Yep! So after all the investment you’ve got to practice it. Push yourself and make sure you are out of your comfort zone. The aim is to make every zone a comfortable one. Try new stuffs. I like to think of it as “awakening of the senses”. All your sense organs must try something new.
See a new movie. Something you’d never see on a normal day.
Listen to a genre of music you have never tried
Wear something you would have never worn.
Eat something new. Try that restaurant!!
Try a new perfume. It won’t hurt.

Mix up that routine
Don’t be stereotyped. Mix ’em up. You have to be like a child. Mix up the routine. Don’t allow your mind be a predictable one. Whatever new stuff you learn or do add them to your daily to-do list. You have no idea how much fun this would be till you do it.

Make a bucket list

I used to hate interacting with people. I did not want anyone in my space. Being alone was a good thing to me and I thought I was living. So one day I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to do before I turned 16. And at the top was have a bestie. That meant coming out of my zone big time!
I summoned up one day in school and sat where people sat and started talking to them. And my present bff noticed me. I can remember going home and thinking to myself

“that was not bad. It was actually fun…..and I cannot believe blah blah blah….”

It felt good. Gradually the bucket list was achieved. I did not even know until a few years ago when I was going through my stuffs and I realized I actually did All I wanted to do before I turned 16.
You have to do this. Make a list of places you want to go to. Friends you want to make. Clothes you want to wear. Food you want to eat. Anything at all, just make that list!! You would not regret it because the moment you cross one out, every other thing would become easy. You’d be making more lists in no time.

There is something about going to places that sets your mind right. You need to travel. You need to see people and places and the things that are happening in the world. Believe me, you would never think the same way. You end up rubbing minds with others, seeing what they do for fun and most importantly how they handle life.

After you must have achieved all and while you’re doing it. It is important that you rest well. You need to sleep well and relax well. Eat at the right time and eat good food. Your mental health is also affected by what you eat.

All of thses things might seem impossible or boring to you. But take it from someone who tried it, it works. You would watch yourself grow to be someone you never thought you would be. And you would be proud. Plus you might need a friend on this journey, and if you don’t have one send me an email…I am your friend.

Thanks for reading. It took quite a lot to write this. Kindly share it. Hit that like button. Drop your comments, I’d love to hear from you. I have more amazing post coming up so subscribe and make sure to confirm your subscription.


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