Spontaneous Pizza


I had a terrible day. All I wanted to was study and sleep. But this insane headache with an atmosphere of gloom won’t let me be. I was really tired, bored and just unhappy, plus I really wanted to be alone so bad. (at least that was what I thought).

When I had tolerated enough noise from my roommate who was making matters worse for me, I decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my ear phones and my phone (by the way we have terrible power supply, but fortunately my phone was fully charged that day) and I walked out. I was wearing a light tank top, shorts and flip flops.


When I got outside I changed my  mind and just sat outside. I was listening to coldplay when someone tapped me. I turned and saw it was my neighbour. We spoke for a while, really touched by my sadness and unexplainable depression ( more like a mood swing tho) my neighbour did the unexpected.

20:50pm – 20:53pm

Went in grabbed some cash and put on flip flops and we were on our way out. The destination unknown.

We stopped a motorcycle my neighbour spoke to the driver, telling him where we were headed and negotiated the price for the fare with him. When that was concluded we hopped on the bike and were on the move.

21:02pm – 21:05pm

Throughout the journey my mind was thinking in a million directions. What was I thinking? Where were we headed to? Was this a stupid thing to do? My hands were cold and I was still in shock by the sudden journey. We took different turns. The journey was kind of long and I kept telling myself I needed the distraction whatever it was.

To my surprise the bike stopped at domino’s pizza. My jaws dropped. I was taken aback and I kept saying “no way”. I was too happy to remember to take pictures. It was just one of those moments that should be in my head forever…. Just me. It was so much more than I thought. We walked in picked up the pizza and drinks and left. The journey back felt like a moment. I did not even know when we got back. We walked into the room sat on the bed and opened the box.


It was absolutely beautiful. It was a medium size chicken bali pizza. I lost my appetite completely. Not because I did not want it but because I was too happy to even eat it. I was compelled by my neighbour to have a slice. I did. It was amazing. After which the whole box of pizza was handed over to me. I wanted to just cry and hug this person. It was too much to be done for such a silly mood.

I took the box and appreciated the gift and the whole crazy adventure so much. and I still do not think I appreciated it enough. I headed back to my room and gave the pizza to my hungry roommate who to my surprise had gotten me a bowl of ice cream. I was just overwhelmed by it all.

This big act of kindness killed every sad and gloomy mood I felt. I was able to study with a clear head and the insane experience replaying in my mind a million times.


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