Hello July

I can remember when the year began, I had tons and tons of goals. All I would say were achievable. Three months down the year I realized that even if I had written my goals in a fantastic way which made it amazing to read and think it could be achieved, I only achieved one. and I did not even achieve it as much as I wanted to.

It dawned on me that some of these goals would have been achieved if I took them one at a time and not just try to juggle all of them at once. That’s when I started my monthly goals. Believe me, ever since I began pursuing my goals this way it has made things easier and more convenient for me.

This brings me to my goals for July.

My July goals are focused on my mental and physical being.

Physical appearance

I’ve always admired women with abs. It is the most amazing part of the body to me. Having a waist that is fit (although my whole body has to be fit) is just wonderful. I have attempted to have this so many times and I quit every single time. This July is my month of abs. This would require me to eat healthier and exercise on a regular basis. I have made my workout and food timetable, plus I would give all the gist every week on my journey.



I’m the type of person who saves a lot even when I have no idea why I am saving. It is just a part of me to save. This is a good thing, except at the end of the day I spend my savings on silly things. I feel bad when I do it. Then I save again and the circle continues. This month I intend to invest my savings in something. I’m not sure what it would be yet but I know it has to be done. I have begun my research on it. I do not intend to waste my July savings.

Have a blog structure

I know I just started this blog but believe me I can already feel the pressure. I believe if I have a proper structure it would enable me to prepare well for my posts and still have enough time to do every other thing I plan to do.

Eat breakfast everyday

I am a busy person. What makes me so busy? I’m not even sure. Little things here and there just pop up and demand for my attention. I wake up and forget to have breakfast and when I even have it, it is either a lazy breakfast or a late one. This month I have decided to change that. I would have breakfast everyday. I have created for myself a food timetable to make it easier and comfortable for me.


Explore a little more

I know I keep mentioning my insane wanderlusting nature. I just love adventures and I feel like one can never have enough adventures. For a while now I have been on the cool side. I have not gone out of my way to explore. I feel exploring is important because it opens the mind. It helps to clear my head of my worries and I just relax.


Read more

I know some people would see this and ask me if I want to kill myself. I’m a bookie so to say. I read a lot. But I just feel I have been reading a lot of academic books and I should read something different. Even if I have academic goals I just have to make sure I read something else. Books have a way of helping me relax and explore in my mind.


Communicate more with loved ones

I have been away from home for a while now. I miss home a lot. In the beginning I told myself that I did not need to call home often so I don’t miss them to much. But now I realize that talking to loved ones help a lot. It helps to have a stable mental health and it makes you a happier person.

Try to visit home

As I mentioned earlier I have been away from home. I miss home a lot and I think its high time I visited them. They would love to have me around and I would love to be around. So I must make plans to visit them.

Thank you for reading. Kindly like the post, to encourage me. Follow the blog because I have incredible content. Share to family and friends. Leave a reply I’d love to know what you think.


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