Welcome to the new month. I am super excited about this month and the goals I have. I cannot tell you how much I wanted July to end, even I am shaking my head at myself.

Early last month I set goals for the month… its time to take a recap and see how well I did with those  goals.

I know how much I love flat abs, but I guess July was just not my month. Trust me I tried…most of it being mental encouragement that merely made any physical impact. I was always procrastinating (and that must be in my goals for this month. No more procrastination). I kept saying “tomorrow” and “in the evening” till July came to an end…..sadly. But that does not mean I did not work out at all. I did. I only had 3 intensive workouts….. But I’m sure I took in way more calories  than I was burning.

I had plans to invest, and I did. It was just not money. It was my time and skills which I invested….in a way I would say a little money was involved, just not in a big way. So that was achieved.

Have a blog structure…… Hmmm I tried. I actually had the structure. But due to some unforseen incident I did not blog as much. So I’d give this a half.

Eating breakfast was definite yes!!! If I achieved anything. It was this. I struggled with it initially….but later I found my way around it. I can’t tell you how happy that made me. It made me feel stronger throughout the day. I’m so happy I did this.

Oh! I so had plans to explore…but they just did not manifest. I was too busy with some other things. and before I knew it the month had come to an end. This is sad tho.

Read more!. Trust me this is my life. If I don’t read I’d probably not do any other productive thing. I read. A lot. I read a lot of academic books and I read a little non academic books. So yeah….this is a yes.

If there was anything that made me feel better about myself last month it was communication. Talking to my family and close friends. I am so so glad I did this. It brought me so much peace. So another yes!!

Try to go home….. Hmmmm. That is exactly what I did. Try to go home. But I just did not. I guess if I had put “go home” there I just might have gone home. I really did try. A lot. So I guess I have to put a yes because I tried….real hard.

That is the summary of how my goals for last month went. But generally, July was an awesome month. I really did a lot of self discovery this month and try to heal myself of whatever negative feeling I felt from within. I had fun and felt closer to my family. I watched awesome things happen to my loved ones and it made me feel wonderful…. and so proud of them.

July. My month of self discovery.

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