Dots and stripes

Earlier this week my friends and I went strolling (okay not exactly strolling, they went to submit their assignment and I just tagged along. The stroll was after that). When they were done with all the stressful stuff we just walk around. As we walked into this narrow kind of road I saw this garage looking door. It looked rusty and all…..hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm…trust me, I only saw beauty. I made everyone stop and wait for me to take pictures with that door. It was just absolutely beautiful.


I would not exactly call this a style post because I was not prepared for it. But….. It just has to go under style. So……this is how I rocked polka dots on a striped skirt.







Thinking about it… I don’t even know where I got those clothes from. I think they were all gifts. But it looked nice on me and that is what matters.

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