Home sweet home.

I have been away from home for exactly 12 weeks. That is about 84 days. These long days and I did not see my family. I have missed them so so much….words cannot express how much I’ve missed them.

I planned on going home sooner but things did not go as planned. When the opportunity finally came I jumped right to it. I tried my best to pack light. and I really did. All I could think of was how my bed would feel. The good food I would eat, the smell of my house, the company of my family and the craze of my bestie. I just could not wait for it all.

Sunday morning I woke up and packed my bags. My friend who was coming along with me was already packed. I had my last breakfast in Ibadan and it was time to head home. By the way I live in Lagos but some situations took me to Ibadan (which is just a state away from Lagos).

On a normal day the journey home should be about two hours but this day it was way longer. I left Ibadan around 12:00 pm. The journey was all smooth and fast at first, we had no bumbs just fast madass driving which went on for about an hour thirty minutes. By that time we were at Ogun state ( the state before Lagos) I was so tired my body was aching plus I was super thirsty. So, on getting to Ogun state I was welcomed with the best sign to speak volume of how close I was to Lagos….. Traffic.

For the twelve weeks I was in Ibadan I did not experience traffic in any form. It was all clear. The journeys were always fast and the people there are just easy going. Lagos state is the absolute opposite of that. It a all crazy. People are everywhere, its super busy, so much noise and air pollution. Its totally sickening!! But I love it. After all its the New York of Nigeria.

So, I sat in this insane traffic for two good hours!!! My butt was aching horribly! The weather was hot and everywhere was just dusty. I kept sneezing so hard I was sure I’d sneeze my brains out. Oh….as i sat, i saw the most wonderful thing ever…cold 7up. I wanted sprite but when I had ill luck getting it I went with the 7up. God bless the soul of that guy who was hawking it. He totally saved me.

After the insane traffic…. We finally moved. Ah….boy was I happy. After that it took less then thirty minutes and I was in front of my house. I opened the gate gently. Walked into the compound carefully, trying my very best not to make noise. As I got closer to my front door I saw my mom….. And she just shouted my name.
It was wonderful. I ran to hug her. I squeeze so tight. I missed her so so much. As soon as my sister heard my voice she ran out and jumped on me. It was a family reunion. A sight to behold.

A few hours later my best friend showed up. The drama earlier was nothing compared to what she did. I was flushed. My cheeks ached from smiling so hard. We went out, had dinner and strolled. It was non stop talk. We tried to catch up on the lost moments. and we ended the day with ice cream. It was awesome. It feels wonderful to be home.

I am grateful for my family and my bestie.

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3 thoughts on “Home sweet home.

  1. I just got back from being in Asia for 5 months. I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘tough girl’. I found out, being so far from home, that maybe I’m not. I missed my family so much – which actually kind of surprised me! I ended up coming home early. I hugged my mom super tight too πŸ™‚


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