The Pandora’s box

Some people might have heard about the Pandora’s box and some might not have heard. I’d briefly talk about it. The Pandora’s box is a Greek myth. I have heard two versions of the story and tell you both of them.

According to the story the god Zeus created the first woman and named her Pandora. He handed Pandora over to some other gods who basically taught her how to be a woman. At the end Zeus gave her a box (some call it a jar). The jar contained all the evil of the world. He instructed her never to open it. But out of curiosity which comes naturally to women, Pandora opened the box and unleashed all the evil to the world. When she saw this she quickly closed the box and unfortunately closing HOPE in it.

The other version is pretty much similar to the first except the box was filled with treasure. and Zeus had trapped the tears of a broken female into along side all the evil of the world. And he did this intentionally because he knew the heart of men was full of greed and he wanted to teach them a lesson. Some say Zeus wanted to unleash evil to the world and had no idea how to, so he created Pandora and gave her the box knowing fully well she would open it. It is quite unfortunate that hope had to be trapped at the end of the day and only evil released.


Why have I told this story?

So we learn to tame our curiosity. Sometimes it is the best thing ever. We are curiosity, we search, find stuffs and we are satisfied. But most of the time our curiosity never brings good news and we end up regretting it. I believe strongly that we can tame and channel this curious thingy to positive stuffs so we do not have to unleash the evil every time and trapping hope at the end of the day.

Most people would be able to relate to the Pandora’s box story. Especially when we pushed ourselves out of insane curiosity to do something which ended up taking so much more from us than we expected. Leaving us drained of positivity and filled with bad vibes.

I believe if we occupy our minds with good things and learn to identify the unnecessary curiosity or the ones we know are not beneficial to us in any good way, then we would be able to keep Pandora’s box closed.

Step by step we can take control of our minds you can read some helpful tips here from my experience.

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