Steps in August

I really wanted to put up this post first week in August but then I realized it was too close to the goals I set in July. I definitely do not want my blog looking like a goal setting space.

I write my goals and my journey to attaining them here to help others and myself too. Writing them gives me this sense of obligation to complete it. I also want people to know that can achieve whatever it is they want. It just takes baby steps.

So… goals for August.

Go home: this is essential. I have been away for a long time. I need to reset my mind and refuel my soul.

Spend time with family and friends: I miss my friends and communicating with these people help to improve mental health. Seeing them would bring me so much joy. We should never be too far from them, they are our roots. and they have a way of always putting one on the right track.

Achieve my blog pattern: so last month I set out a pattern which I would use to blog. This is to ensure my readers know when to expect my posts and to help me plan my time better.

No more procrastination: I really need to stop this. It destroys everything every time. All my plans. All of them. I just have to stop and get things done when they ought to be done.

Practice my illustrations: I draw. And I’m quite good at it. But the problem with this skill is you lose it when you don’t practice. I want to be a badass at my fashion illustrations so I need to practice more.

Explore: I really do not need to keep mentioning my crazy hunger for adventure. So I must explore.

B. O. D. Y: from my head to toe. All my goals. Glowing skin, healthier hair, longer lashes, fuller brows and well groomed, toner body, flat abs, lose some weight. All those stuff. I’ve got to start working on them.

Read more: lately I have been carried away by too many things. Unnecessary things. I need to put in more effort and time to studying.

Private time: I need time to myself to think. Meditate. These things are important. They help us reflect on our day and our lives, to see what we are doing wrong and what we are doing right. Help in making reasonable and necessary decisions. I need this time. I need to create it.

Eating right: I eat a lot of junk. I’m junk queen. I need to slow down a bit because I know I can’t stop. But I can reduce the rate at which I consume these junks and consume more fruits and veggies. Junks are not very healthy you know?

Increase my follow: every bloggers dream is to have a lot of subscribers and followers. That’s what I want too. Plus I want more followers on Instagram too. Uhmmm how exactly I’m going to do this I’m not sure but I believe continuity would help.

Get a job: I have big plans for the ember months. I need to have money for my plans to manifest. I need a job. I need to save. Badly.

These are my goals for august. I know some seem to contradict each other even I am wondering how I’d get them all done. If you have any helpful tip kindly leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.

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