The thing about encouragement

Most nights before I put up a post I have to wait for the perfect time. That is the time when I get the most interactions. For me its 2am. It takes a lot to stay awake especially when I’ve had a rough and extremely stressful day. To add that i blog with my phone. I also have to think of the next post and how to make it perfect. Its all quite draining. When my post is finally up and I hear the sound of my wordpress notification….you have no idea the joy that fills my heart.

Simple things such as a like, a comment, a share and best of is a follow makes me know all the stress is worth it. It encourages me.

See, the thing about encouragement is it fuels passion, talents and interests. It makes you know something is worth while. I can remember the very day I put up my first blog post…I got a lot of thumbs up but I also got some sad talks. Some people just told me I was no different from any other blogger ( just with a post. Can you imagine!!) It made me so mad. But then I remember a friend telling me how proud he was, not just because I started a blog but because I dared to be different ( and he read only one post). You can read my first blog post here.

Over time I’ve seen my blog grow. And the little sweet words people say go a long way helping me prepare for my next post. Few weeks ago a friend sent me this message


I actually cried when I saw this. I am making an impact! People are getting help just reading this. After this a friend called me she told me she loved what I was doing and she subscribed. and told a bunch of her friends to check out my blog. Then my cousin mentioned me in a tweet that had to do with blogging, i was just so happy. So may others have done similar actions that have just moved me to tears.

Why am I sharing this?…getting all the encouragement really opened my eyes to something. Little acts of kindness can build a mansion. I decided to encourage others by liking, commenting and following them not just on WordPress but also other social media platforms.

People showed their appreciation to me. It made me feel fulfilled. Unless we encourage others we would remain where we are. We have to help others grow so we also can grow. Just saying something nasty can kill someone ( trust me it can) and I don’t think that is a fair thing to do.

When next you see someone doing something they love think of yourself in their shoes….
“what would you want someone to say to you that would make you feel all the stress is worth it”

Say it to them.

Let’s learn to encourage one another.

Thank you for reading. You can check out my previous posts. Like this for support, share to help others, leave a comment I’d love to know what you think and follow ( subscribe to) this blog so you don’t miss my amazing posts.


8 thoughts on “The thing about encouragement

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  2. Lovely post babe, this was really good. You probably already know this but you can schedule your post to probably said whatever time you’d like so you don’t have to stay up till 2 a.m. to publish at your peak hour. You can just establish what time you’d like to post when you’re done drafting it, and that’s that 😊😊


  3. I don’t really know what to Say but you are really doing great ……the blog is really amazing .I Like that you merge style nd the normal everyday life together ……nice one


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