Bitter sweet

You know when something happens to you and you cannot decided if its hurts or you just have no feeling…well something very unsimilar to that happened to me this past week.

Nb: the pictures are in the sweet experience story…☺

The bitter experience

A few days ago I applied for one blogger stuff….even I am not very sure what it was about but I just wanted to give it a shot. It was really not for small bloggers like me but I gave it a shot anyway. We were required to submit our Instagram handles. So after I had completed this….the worst happened. My Instagram got hacked!!!!!

I know right???

I was like wtf!!!

A few minutes later I got an email saying they had selected me. Shoot! I was in big mess. This was my big shot and one devil just decided to ruin me before I had the chance to bloom.
To cut my long story short… I created another account ( yep started all over again. Sad) I had help from some of my friends. and I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I got about 300 followers in two days. So I reapplied and explained my situation.
Good news is….they picked me again!!!
I’m just so happy.
You can follow my new account here please

The sweet experience

A friend won tickets to viva cinema….so we went.


Plus it is located in the biggest shopping mall in west Africa. Boy was I happy to be there.


So we saw war dogs ( I love that movie!!!) But I really did not feel the cinema experience….. I guess viva is just not “it” for me. Before we saw our movie we had ice cream…and not just any ice cream it was cold stone.



I loooved it!


I loved the mall. it was big and nice.


We really did not stroll around because for some reason I was not in the mood. But I saw the one store I wanted to see…..


Oh Pandora…. How dear you are to me.
Just so you know. If you want to send me a gift…that is if you are touched…I don’t mind a gift from Pandora.

That’s my bitter sweet experience. ( you must be like…this silly girl)
I hope you enjoyed the story.
I did not really enjoy the bitter experience.

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4 thoughts on “Bitter sweet

  1. This is reali a bitter sweet experience. Congrats dear. Looking forward to more post from you . Lastly am proud of you.


  2. yaaaay, it’s ibadan lol lyk with d amount of bashing we ib pple get on social media u can imagine d excitement i had reading dis post lyk ib isn’t bad at all. U’re funny lol love d blog already πŸ™‚


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