Ekiti : too soon a visit (1)

I should welcome everyone to the new month. Happy new month. Personally I love the “ember” months but this month seems to be…..I don’t even know the word to use.

I got the worse kind of shock. I applied to a school sometime at the beginning of the year…and on the first of September I got a text saying they were inviting me for an interview.

I’m like..oh shit!!

What was I supposed to do. I had been to interviews but nothing academic. I was a total wreck. I quickly sent all the necessary information needed and began to freak out.

I laid down on the bed and just cried. I was happy but the anxiety and fear quickly over took the joy.

I’m thinking “what do I wear?”

Considering the fact that I’m even away from home with nothing but casuals. I just spent most of the money on me and I could not afford to buy myself clothes or shoes. I was just scared.

The fear was little compared to when I started thinking of where I’d stay. I did not have any family or friend in Ekiti. I made a few phone calls. I calledย  anyone and everyone!

God really loves me if not I’m so sure I would not have found someone to stay with and the best part is she also applied to the same school.


September 2nd

I woke up and started thinking of what I’d wear. With my box out, clothes scattered everywhere I tried my best to make out a formal wear out of a casual wardrobe. With the aid of my friends I finally pick out something to wear. It was not that fantastic but it was okay. As soon as I was done with the clothes I realized my shoe was bad.

“Oh my God.. Oh my God”

Iย was about to cry…I got dressed and went in search of a cobbler to fix this damn shoe! I cannot tell you the joy I felt when I found one. The problem was, it turned out the shoe was waaay more damaged than I thought. I had to pay more than I budget for. I got that done with my heart breaking. I had to pick my shoe the next day.

I’m broke, I’m so broke!! I’m so damn broke!!!

I got back home and just relaxed. I could not even read a thing…my brain won’t accept anything at that point. I was to leave Ibadan for Ekiti the next day. I needed all the rest I could get.

My rest turned out short because I had to wash my hair and start worrying about what I would do with it.

can this day get any better at all

I got my oils heated them and did the hot oil treatment for my hair. I wrapped the hair and let it rest till the next day. I just sat where I was and thought of all the crazy stuffs happening… I mean I was going to a state I’ve never been to before (sorry I have been there once. But it was a school trip. It was luxury not a pain in my ass), staying with a family I’ve never met and applying to a school I know nothing about and I really did not want to attend. With all these thoughts running through my mind and no one to really share them with ( no family here). I rested my head and went to bed.

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6 thoughts on “Ekiti : too soon a visit (1)

  1. interviews are majorly about how composed u are nd how much u know so be ready to be confident nd try to ansa questions thrown at u. ekiti oh well, i served der nd I’m sorry to discourage u, Ekiti z terrible social-wise, evrything wise lol, I’m sorry i just had to tell u d truth but since u’d be in skul nd all it shud be fun. all d best love, u’ve got dis.
    p.s I’m new here, Hi โ˜บ


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