Ekiti : a different type of fun (2)

I know I want adventure and all and I always talk passionately about it…but this sort of rushed adventure is not what I had in mind.

PS: pictures are towards the end.

September 3rd

I woke up feeling like crap. My head was aching ( and it was still wrapped). I got up went into the kitchen and put water on the gas to wash my hair.
It was the dee-day, I was traveling that day. My reality. I went out to get black soap to wash my hair. When I got back I washed my water bottle, packed the little things I needed and went on to was my hair.

I was too lazy to do any complicated hair style so I just had two flat twist done. With the hair out of the way I went to have my bath.

When I was fully dressed and packed I went over to the cobbler to pick up my shoe, only for me to get there and the dudes shop was locked!


I almost passed out. I could feel the blood drain from my face.

What on earth was I to do!

I went back home borrowed 3k from my cousin with the intention of buying myself a new pair of shoe and I left.

..around 10:45

I got to the park. The journey there was quite fast. The problem now was getting the shoe. This was the only opportunity I had, if I did not get the shoe I would have nothing to wear for the interview. I did not mind what the shoe looked like I just wanted one. I walked around for almost 15 minutes. I was really tired. I finally gave up on the search and asked a lady where I could get female shoes and she said female shoes were not sold there.

I had tears in my eyes. At the verge of dropping.

I was so freaking doomed!

After that life shocking news I gave up and started walking towards the buses. Fortunately for me I passed this old lady who would not stop greeting me and showering me with prayers until I turned towards her shop and behold!!!

Female shoes…..

I was relieved. I did not mind that they looked so fake and were in fact fake. I just wanted something to wear. I touched it and it was plastic!! Could this day get worse. I had no choice. I bought it, without even bargaining the price.


I got to the buses and boarded one. This was around 11:15. The bus did not take time to get filled and we left Ibadan for ekiti.

The journey was soo long and boring. I tried taking some pictures but they did not come out so nice.


I kept speaking with the girl I was to stay with ( I had never met her). We got to ekiti exactly 2:20.


I alighted the bus with all joy. Funny thing is the girl was in the bus that stopped next. She was so skinny ( the kind of skinny I like). She has to be one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met. Her smile is amazing and personality like a light bulb ( well I know all that because I’ve stayed with her as at now that the post is up). We exchanged pleasantries and began to talk. Few minutes later her aunt came to pick us.

The home was a lovely place. Homely.
We unpacked our luggage ( mine was just a back pack and a hand bag) rested and ate. I liked the family. Very hospitable.

September 4th

We woke up tired. My friend “Lola” was just excited. Her aunt went to work early- she’s a nurse. So we and her two daughters were home. The little daughter is one of the cutes little girls I’ve ever met while the older one was my name sake. Funny thing is she was attending a single sex school and wanted to become a doctor in future ( talk about meeting yourself).

We decide not to just sit home this Sunday but go to a church so we got dressed, ate breakfast and went church hunting. We found a church not too far from the house and attended service there. It was just funny. After church we took pictures on the road.




Lola is just pretty. Someone please tell her to become a model

When we got home we all slept. I read a bit and slept. Lola’s aunt got back around 5:12pm and prepared the most amazing meal.

Pounded yam and eforiro

Pounded yam is an ekiti food. But I had not eaten it in years. Since I was like 5.Β  She prepared it because of me. I was so happy.
It was absolutely delicious.







After the meal we went for a stroll. It was nice. All the anxiety I felt initially calmed down. Although they are still there, they are not just as crazy. We took a lot of pictures. When we got home I laid on the bed, slept a bit, woke up and prepared this post.

Don’t miss any part of this adventure, read all about day one here


10 thoughts on “Ekiti : a different type of fun (2)

  1. awwwwn, I’m happy for you. D pple of Ekiti are generally hospitable. D place I stayed for my nysc too they were all very nice to me, free food nd all lol. Pounded yam omg I had lots of dat during my stay der, nao I miss it so much. All d best with d interview and Lola, u shud consider modelling really πŸ˜‰


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