Recap: August

This should have been up on the 31st of August but I had a lot on my plate. So, I’m going to do a  quick recap on what happened to the goals I set for last  month…you know,to see if I achieved them or not. Let’s begin

* going home was on top of my list. and I did go home. It was an absolutely beautiful experience. I loved it. I had missed home so much that I did not even realise it. I’m just glad I went home.

* spending time with family and friends. Going home helped me achieve this. I was able to rekindle the spark that was lost in some relationships and brighten the flames in others.

* read more. I definitely did this. I cannot tell you the kind of pressure I was under with school stuff. I just had to read.

* my body. I definitely paid attention to it. I plan on writing a more detailed post about this. From my hair, skin, lashes, brows, nails….all of it.

* achieve a blog pattern. I think I finally did that this month. It had been my goal for two months and it came to life.

* practice my illustrations. Drawing is another way I escape from the world and all its troubles. I did this, I enjoyed it. And I’m definitely getting better at it.

* explore. I really had a packed month. There really wasn’t much opportunities for me to explore but in a little way I did. and I enjoyed it.

* private time. I had a lot of this. I really thought about my life and the things I should do… all that kind of stuff. This time really helped me make good decisions this month and I so happy I kept it.

* eating right. I think I failed here. As much as I tried to eat right I just did not. Did I feel good about it… No. I promised myself I would improve and be better by September.

* getting more followers on Instagram. The funny thing is my Instagram got hacked and I lost everything. I had to start all over again. And I gained a whole lot more followers than I had before. You can follow me @ti_ffe

* get a job. This I did not do. A lot of people are down sizing. Its really difficult getting a job in these times. So sadly this is a no.

I really did not think I would achieve half of the things I wrote down at the beginning of August. I feel really proud of myself and I hope I encouraged someone to achieve their own goals. You can check the goals for august here

I have no plans to write any goals for September. I plan to do a lot of self discovery.

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One thought on “Recap: August

  1. Awwwwwwwwn, I shud develop an habit of setting goals, I just go with d flow usually but that’s beginning to get boring, I’ve also been in search for a job since I finished my nysc in April but 😦 anyway, all d best dis month.


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