If wishes were horses…..

I’m sitting on my bed writing this post, the bedroom floor flooded with tissue while i listen to James blunt – stay the night. Sadly….I have a flu. And its surprising I even have the energy to type. Being down has got me thinking… about my life and how it has turned out so far. I’m thinking of all the silly things I loved as a child, all the dreams and where I am now.

So this post is about the dreams that never came to life.

PS: congratulations to me. This is my 20th post. I’m really happy I held on to this dream….and pulled through too.

Ballet feet.
I always wanted to become a ballerina. It was my dream. I really did not care what anyone thought about it. And the funny thing is I believe it was possible till I graduated from high school. The realization that it would never happen really broke me.


Nerd with a donut.
This is funny. But I always wanted to be fat. I wanted to be this fat nerd whose glasses were so thick and I would eat donut all the time. Well, I do use glasses now and quite a number of people know me as a nerd but I definitely am far from fat and I hate donuts.


Lights, camera, pose!
That’s right. I wanted to be a model. I got a certificate sometime tho when I was younger. I went for this runway training stuff. But I never pursued it so to say. Life just happened.


Space talk.
I thought by this time, at my present age I would be competing with other mad ass geniuses to be the best and get into NASA. It was my dream. I wanted to become an astronaut. But that never happened. It hurts tho.


Award winning….
I’m not sure what I even wanted the award for. I just wanted to be invited to dinner and have all these lovely people around and I’d be given an award for whatever my thing was. That has not happened. Still hoping it would.

Meet the stars
I wanted to meet a lot of people. Have dinner with them, get to know their families and the stories that were never really told. But unfortunately for me the people on my top list are dead.

An item with Justin.
I really did think I would be dating Justin bieber by now. But things just don’t happen the way they do in our minds. Sadly.


Be a freaking billionaire.
I’m not sure how I thought I would make so much money. Its just easier to visualize stuffs in your mind. Especially when you are a child. But when you become an adult like me….you know having a billion anything is not cupcake.

The two things I really thought would have happened but still have not….and it totally breaks my heart ( I have tears in my eyes now)

An MBBS undergraduate.

Exactly. The girl with big dreams. But this one I did not see as a dream but something that would really be a reality. My reality. I have not given up yet. But I am very disappointed at myself and heart broken that I am not this yet. It should have happened already.


Cambridge scholar.
I really want to attend Cambridge. Its my dream school. When I was younger I wanted Cambridge or oxford. I would sit up all night googling them, looking at the pictures of the school and picturing myself there….a student. I have the brains for it. I’m just not sure why it never happened. When I sit and think of how bad I want this, how I have pursued it and then my reality…it feels like I’m trying to catch a shooting star. But I guess that’s possible… It should be possible


One thing I wanted to achieve and I did achieve and I’m forever glad I did is turn out to be an incredibly smart and amazingly beautiful person. This was definitely not by my effort. I guess God just had to compensate me for all the other things I did not get…he gave me the best anybody could ask for. These things that can get me every other wish I have.

I’m glad I have this blog too. It really has helped me.

Share your dreams with me….leave a comment I’d love to know them.

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4 thoughts on “If wishes were horses…..

  1. I reali wish to see some celebs too nd have dinner wit them. I also want to be an amazing mother even if have not gotten to dat stage nd be a very wealthy woman.


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