100 days to Christmas

So, today marks a hundred days to Christmas. I am so excited.
I am a Christmas lover. I always look forward to all the beautiful decorations, awesome food, visit from friends and family…basically all the things that come with Christmas.

My favorite part is the insane sales that go on. From hair products to clothes, shoes, bags, toiletries and almost anything money can buy. Its always a good season to get something new.

But you know the most important part of this season? Its the reason why the season exist. I know we all have heard this, we go for carols, we give stuffs to the poor, we have thanksgiving and just do all the good stuff. But that really is not the reason for the season….Christ is.

I have been thinking a lot about Him these days. Why he came, why he died and why he resurrected. His act of kindness is what we celebrate. The sacrifice he made for all of humanity is what we celebrate. Many of us have forgotten all about him. We have allowed ourselves be carried away by all the other material stuffs, tossing away his invaluable gift to us.

This year, as we count down to Christmas let’s remember the reason for the season. Let us celebrate him the right way and put our lives in check, ensuring we are on the right track to eternity.

Merry Christmas in advance.

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7 thoughts on “100 days to Christmas

  1. tifeeeeee lmao countdown aye lyk U’re thinking xmas already? lol, i feel u ✌ I’m equally excited too now that u Brut it up, I’ve bin spending xmas @ a particular location for 22 yrs nao nd ova d yrs it has gotten so boring


    • 22 years? No way!!
      I’m glad you are changing location. I’d be super glad to read all about how that turns out.
      I’m pretty happy about the sales tho
      Happy Christmas too.😘


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