White savage

This very blessed evening I was bored. I tried playing songs on my phone to cheer me up a bit but…nah it was not working. So, I decided to let time pass on twitter. I kept tweeting and retweeting and watching videos till I was tired of it. I was at the verge of giving up when I came across this very funny video.

It was a video cold stone had put up just to hear the silly names people would give ice creams. Now the rule was to name the ice cream after the color of the shirt you were wearing and a word that describes a past relationship. The names people were giving was so funny.

So there i was laughing. And for some reason I decided to give this game a try.

White savage

I thought to myself. And without putting much thought to it, I tweeted it.
The name was cool. Cold Stone liked the tweet and that was it. It was a forgotten matter to me.

A week later I see a mention from Cold Stone….I’m like


I check it out, it reads

Congratulations…@ti_ffee…. You are our lucky winners of a free ice cream treat…

I was so shocked when I saw it. I did not even know there was a price attached to the silly game. And I won!! Yes!! They contacted us privately, collected our information and gave us details of how to get our treat.


The ice cream named white savage.

Lucky for me I was free the next day. I dressed up and went to redeem my price.


I love cold stone. Their staffs were super friendly and made excited to be a winner. I was asked to pick whatever flavor of ice cream I wanted along side the topping.


I had;

Chocolate ice cream
Sweet cream ice cream
Pie crust topping and



This combination I named white savage. The ice cream was great. I had an amazing time there. And trust me I would be playing more games on twitter hence forth.


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