Shave ’em hair

One very important part of a girls hygiene is shaving. And in not talking about shaving your legs…I’m talking about shaving your pubic.

Every girl who ever used a shaving stick must have experienced what I like to call “the shaving stick itch”. My friend and I were discussing about this. She was telling me how she would not wear panties for 5 days after shaving because the hair itches her a lot. We laughed so hard.

I remember the first time I shaved, I must have been in grade 8 or so. I was just excited to shave off the hair down there. When I shaved, I shaved it all the way. Straight to the bottom. I was pleased with the result. But trust me, it did not last long. The next day on my way to school I felt a crazy sting, I wanted to immediately start itching it on the road but I could not. It was crazy the urge to itch was mad. I remember running into an eatery, heading straight to the toilet and itching the hell out of it. Few days later I had mad bumps.

I cannot even tell you how awesome it was for me when I discovered shaving cream. It was such a relief. Although I had issues with the brands I chose initially ( I was reacting badly to most of them) but it was way much better than a shaving stick.
Discussing with my friend made me realise how a lot of girls shave the wrong way. Which in turns end up in crazy itch and mad reactions.

Shaving with a shaving cream

I’m not a pro with shaving sticks. I hate them actually but if you prefer that you can just read other blogs or Google it.

This is my shaving routine.
I use Nair shaving cream.


I prefer this particular brand and this type because I have no form of reaction when I use it.

I apply enough of the cream. I leave about 2cm round my clit untouched.
I wait for about 5 mins and rinse off. I make sure I use enough water to rinse off ( I usually do this before I have my bath, so I can wash everything well ).
For the part I left untouched I trim the hair there. I have a pair of scissors for this purpose only. The hair is left to protect the your vigina, medically it is wrong to shave it all off. God put it there for a reason.

When I am done I have a very clean and healthy finish. In other to avoid any form of reaction ( because I’m very paranoid about this ) I use I Shea butter on it for that day.

Shaving my armpits is very straight forward. I just apply, leave for about 5 mins and then wash off.

If you do this you would realize you have no bumps and no reaction.

How do you shave?
I’d love to hear from you. You can leave your experiences and thoughts in the comment.



15 thoughts on “Shave ’em hair

  1. as crazy as it sound, i hate shaving, i feel great afterwards but just thinking i v to shave just doesn’t interest me. Shaving cream z just d best, not used it on my pubic area before cos I’m just scared sumfin bad myt happen, talk about bin paranoid lol, but i use it on my armpits nd legs too, far better dan d sticks, u wouldn’t even feel it dat u shaved. m i d only one dat has heard dat when u shave ur leg hairs, they grow baq so soon? so I don’t shave my legs too often but den when I don’t, I always think to myself dat i look lyk a goat lol nd den have to shave. I HATE SHAVING, God why lmao.


    • I totally agree that shaving creams are the best.
      I also heard that about shaving your legs. That’s why I don’t shave them. I just leave them like that. I’m afraid they would grow worse than they are now.


  2. LMAO. I couldn’t help laughing in the bus when I read this. I detest shaving sticks cause they leave me with bumps. I had no option but to use one recently and I must say, I did regret it. It left me with bumps again. I’m sticking to shaving cream all the way, it’s more comfortable for me and I have no reaction.


  3. Oh shaving sticks tell me about it , now I use scissors only and just trim because I’m scared of using shaving cream down there and I don’t like experimenting with shaving creams

    I might just try this brand
    Great post


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