Party Jollof Rice

This event happened sometime in August. The weekend before I went home.

Why did I even wait for this party in the first place?

Because of party jollof rice.

If you are a Nigerian, you must understand why we can make certain sacrifices just to attend a party and eat party jollof rice.


I was suppose to go home the week before, but a friends girlfriends cousin was getting married, and his girlfriend had invited us. She made us give her our word that we would attend this party.


The main reason why I forfeited my journey home for this party was because of the food. I had not eaten party jollof rice or even any proper jollof rice in a while as at then, so I gladly agreed to attend.


Dressing up was not such a tedious activity. I found what I would wear as soon as I opened my box. I was very excited. I invited another friend for the party too ( you know the way we Nigerians are now, a friend must invite a friend to join her ) Tosin.


Brief: Tosin is my workout partner presently and has definitely caused my muscles so much pain.

That is how we packed ourselves on that faithful day to the wedding. Unfortunately I could not take very pretty pictures of the event. But it was beautiful. The bride looked absolutely stunning. We sat, had some wine and looked.


My dear readers, that is exactly what we did. Look. And when i say we looked i mean it in every way. It was the only form of activity we did there. We looked and looked till we were tired. In case you still don’t understand…. It means


We did not eat any party jollof rice or anything at all. We just looked!!

I was so disappointed!!
I mean after all the anticipation and the huge sacrifice I had made for this party to worsen my matter I now invited another person! I was so embarrassed. The person who invited us made effort to get us food but could not get. The food finished before we could get any.


After slaying in our lovely outfit. We carried our bags and left. The most annoying part is with the present situation some dudes still wanted to collect phone number. Wonders would never end.


What we wore.
Instagram : @youreallycurious
And she has no idea what she was wearing

Instagram : @ti_ffe
Top : next
Sandals: gift
Bag : don’t know
Skirt & scarf : mum made them.

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23 thoughts on “Party Jollof Rice

  1. Really like the simple outfit. Plus it can be so painful when you don’t get food at a party and you see others eating Kai. I can like to cry πŸ˜” Pele dear


  2. LMAO at this….. I totally GEt this…. there was a Sunday I went to church and there was a dedication I waited and waited for the food…nafin, me and my hungry friends had to go back home lols


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