Little sabotaging voice

There are 7.4 billion people in the world today. 70% of these people live in civilization, which is about 5.18 million people. All these people exposed to life. Life at its fullest, with everything that comes with it. The good vibes, the happy times, family, friends, careers, love, passion, hatred, goals, purpose and self doubt. They feel all these, all of it. Where civilization lies is where the need to survive lies. Its a constant battle and only the fittest survive.

Psycologists say that out of ever 10 persons 9 of them experience extreme self doubt. Which makes it easier to fail than succeed. Self doubt has been described as a burden, the “ I am not good enough” attitude. The “i am a failure” attitude which eventually leads to failure. Over the years self doubt has been observed to have increased to nearly 10 of every 10 persons. This is because of the highly competitive environment we live in and the need we feel to succeed above and better than the next person. Everyone seems to be battling the fact that they are not as good as the next person, not as good as the society expects them to be and not as good as they thought they would be.

Self doubt often presents itself with anxiety which makes it the perfect recipe for insecurity. Most people believe that success is beyond their reach and have to work to be better than everything and anyone to get it. There is a constant voice in the mind reminding them of how they have failed to attain their goals, how they have failed to be humans, how they have failed in life and not made any tangible thing of themselves. This voice in their mind fuel the feeling of “never going to be good enough” in them. This self sabotaging voice takes the will to achieve more. It stops them from trying, sapping away their self confidence, self believe and determination. It stops all positive thoughts from dwelling in their mind and takes away the ability to dream, to hope, to believe in anything. It takes it all from them.

Hesitation and procrastination to do things are huge signs of self doubt. This eventually leads to stagnation and a confirmation of the failure their minds have always told them they are. Tremendous tension and depression can be felt. They feel like they are their own enemies and this is because they really are. The whole negativity shuts down their creative minds and leave them feeling like losers ( present in both extreme and mild cases). And in constant battle with themselves. This bitter feeling is the reason why people give up. Its the reason for suicide. Its the reason why people feel the Pandora’s box has been opened into their lives. Only those who are able to overcome this end up having something to show of themselves.

The big question is, how do you overcome this emotion that has consumed virtually everyone? Shutting the door. The door where peoples opinions and expectations come in. The door where voices come in. The door where the social standards of things come in. Learning to believe in oneself and constantly confessing positive things help. For every negative thought and attitude there should be 10 positive attitude and confessions that follow. This would gradually increase self worth. Comparing is not an option and should never be. Trust your instincts. Whenever the self sabotaging voice creeps in and tells you that plan won’t workout or reminds you of how much a loser you are just because a new idea popped in, go ahead with the idea. And never give up. Giving up is allows you fall deeper into the deep dark abyss.

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