Glimpse of luck

I would really not call what happened to me this previous week a glimpse of luck, but I’d love to believe its a glimpse of the whole goody bag of luck God has in store for me.

How was your week? Awesome?

Mine was amazing.

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Oh! And welcome!! all my new fantastic readers.

I have pretty much been idle for like…..forever! The wait for school has been like a never ending journey. I have tried different activities, just to pass time. Even maintaining my blog has been an issue because i seem to have run out of content.

Fortunately for me things turned around this week.

What exactly happened.


A friend’s friend happens to work in a media house ( you know how all these funny connections work). Thing is, it is not just any media house.


Its like the coolest magazine in the whole of Ibadan. ibcity info. The magazine promotes the city of ibadan, it tells you where and when things happen, its a city guide. So I got a call on Monday…which I was very surprised to get. They called to see me, for an interview.


I was so excited!!! My roomie helped me pick out what to wear and I was off. I got lost on the way tho but it was worth it. I got the job.


How I got Cassandra Ikegbune to mentor me.   

Most of you might know her as Cassie Daves. She is one of Nigeria’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers and is also a medical doctor. This makes her the perfect mentor for me ( its like seeing my future self).


If you are on twitter you would know there was an insane retweet trend up two weeks ago. For some reason instead of sending her an email like I planned to do, I hopped on this trend. To make sure I get her attention.


I asked her how many retweets to have her mentor me and get a free 2017 blog planner ( you can’t blame me for asking… I want one before anyone else)
And she responded.



With the help of my friends, followers and the amazing people on twitter I got way more than the number of retweets I needed. Plus she followed me!! We talk now. Its more amazing than you imagine.


That totally made my week.

I mean I got the most amazing job, I have an awesomely sweet boss and I have Cassandra as my mentor!!

But all of this was just the cake.

The icing on the cake.       

I miss home so much. And I have mentioned that on my blog so much. It is always nice to have someone or something that reminds you of home.

So this blessed and boring Friday I was going to see a movie. And the moment I stepped out of my place I see my best friend!!! I mean!!! I was screaming!! Everyone one around came out. I caused such a scene. I was almost in tears, I hugged her so tight. I could not believe she was here. That totally topped everything that had happened that week.

Its the best week so far this year.

Some extra pic of the magazine because I can’t get over it.





The drink is Wilson’s lemonade. I love this drink so much. Secretly hope to work with them for real someday.

How was your week?

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19 thoughts on “Glimpse of luck

  1. I’m so happy for you darling and seeing you finally yesterday was amazing. Keep doing what you do and remember delay is never denial. God is cooking up something great for you


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