Life Lessons From October

The month of October has been one for self-discovery. A lot happened both good and bad. I have been faced with so many challenges and I’ve been forced to make decisions I do not even like.
The month started on a good note, the best note actually. Goals I have been unable to achieve for a while now were achieved in the first week of October. But I quickly forgot all that joy when I was faced with some issues. These issues tested my maturity and moral sense,I am glad I was able to make the necessary decisions.

PS: I know I haven’t posted in a while. My phone developed some issues and it affected my posts since I blog with it. And I know this post is also a kinda serious one…we all need a little seriousness in our lives once in a while. Do take your time to really read and absorb this post.

So, what exactly did October teach me?

To make sacrifices for the people and things we love
I have come to realize that the best and only way we can grow is by making sacrifices for the things and people we love. These sacrifices most times are the most uncomfortable and costly, the ones we never really want to make. But the truth is the moment we make these sacrifices we feel absolute freedom, we feel like we can do just anything. It’s almost like they open doors that were closed.


To forgive and forget
Forgiving is easy. Forgetting is hard. This is the honest truth. Sometimes we forgive but then we still refer to past events when we have another clash. My best friend and I experienced what I would call our biggest disagreement ever in October, I realized I found it easy to blame her and remember past event than to face the present situation heads on. The moment I decided to let sleeping dogs lie and let the past be the past, our disagreement ended that very day! Yep, and we moved on. Don’t just forgive, forget too. It’s important.


To pursue what we want without mercy
Something I have come to realize about life is nothing is handed over to you just like that. I mean except your father is Bill Gates, honey you have to claim what you want. Life isn’t Santa Clause, except you request or should I say demand for what you want and get out of you comfort zone to get it, you’ll never get it. The month of October opened my eyes to the fact that being Queenish (as a friend calls me) isn’t going to solve my problems or get me what I want, I have to place myself out there in the world and get what I want the exact way I want it.


To appreciate the little things in life
What makes life…life is the little things that happen. The sound of trees clapping, the awesome blanket of golden yellow that covers a city at sunset, the way a smile feels, or the taste of food so rich in flavor it excites all your senses. Little things make life the way it is. I have come to learn that appreciating these things makes life easier and more enjoyable. So the next time you smile, think of how awesome it is that your cheeks get lifted and so does your hear



To enjoy life
Someday I will be old. I want to have amazing stories to tell my children and friends. Even before I become old, I want to share the crazy stuffs I’ve done with my friends. I want to sit and watch the sunset. I want to enjoy crazy flavors of food. I want to attend classic concerts. I want to sit on my bed with a cup of coffee and read a book. I want to enjoy l



To make the most of every opportunity
One thing I am super grateful for is the fact that I saw opportunities this October and I grabbed them. There were so many opportunities, at some point I thought I had too much on my plate…but I only had so little. I’m glad I took advantage of the opportunities I had because they opened the door to even bigg


er ones.

To never totally judge a book by its cover
I can remember the day I met one of my friends. (Well my present and recent friend) he was dressed like shit! I mean, in my mind I was like “what the hell”. But then when I got to know him it turned a total different story. He is one of the most amazing and open minded persons I have ever met. If I never spoke to him that day because of the way he was dressed, I would never know him and all the opportunities that come with that. Which would end up becoming my loss. So people please…..never judge a book by its cover.


To find and create your own happiness
This is the most important point in this post. I have come to realize that a lot of people are not happy. They may look it or behave it but they really are not. If you ever find yourself in situations that make you sad like I did in October, take yourself out. Buy yourself a treat. Buy yourself food. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting to get. Visit someone who would make you laugh. See a movie. Just create happiness. And if you can’t go out of your way to find it…be happy.  The honest truth is no situation is worth expending yourjoy over. u


Photo credit : Aniekan Williams

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5 thoughts on “Life Lessons From October

  1. About d post, when love z true u tend to make sacrifices, isn’t dat what God sending jesus to die for us teaches us? About forgiving nd forgetting,boy it’s hard but thank God for God, pursuing what we want without mercy well i haven’t come to terms with dat yet lyk i feel what is for u will get to u when it’s d ryt tym, if u start pursuing what u want without mercy, u’d hurt a lot of pple on d way, But den if u mean not giving urself any mercy den oh well lyk u sed it won’t b handed to u if u not Otedola’s child but den dont b too hard on urself doll, my tots tho. Yes pls always appreciate d little things, dats humbleness. Im all about enjoying lyf lyk it’s just one lyf we’ve got so enjoy it. Opportunities well, just do what u can do but do ur best while at it. Never judge a book by its cover, funny dat i learnt ds by really not judging a book by its cover, lyk it happens evrytym lol. Afta i dump a book thinking it will b a bore nd den picking it up again just to kill boredom nd den realizing afta I’m done reading dat it was one of d best books eva written, funny dat z was what always reminds me not to eva judge anything or anybody till i get closer. Ders no greater peace dan being ur own happy, trust me when u finally know how to create nd find ur own kind of happy, lyf just becomes a better place to be in. I had to scroll baq nd forth to write dis lol, i guess ur post really spoke to me. November gon be a great month for u dear ☝


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