Jazz and Flavours

There’s something about jazz music that just gets one in some crazy mood  It has this soothing effect on anyone, it kinda makes you feel like you are some classy lady from the renaissance era. If you do not know this feel or understand it….mheeen, you are missing.

I’d love you to imagine the soothing effect of jazz music while indulging in a plate of Jollof rice, vegetable rice, shredded beef sauce and beef stew with a side of chocolate cake,ice cream, ice tea, fruit salad and a glass of sprite.


That is exactly what I experienced on Sunday.

PS:  pictures are towards the end of post.

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Jazz all the way……..

My Sunday did not excatly start off well. I was late to church, I missed breakfast, service was longer than normal and I was starving all day. The sunday looked like it was going to be one of those Sundays. It’s a good thing i did not go to church alone (I went with a friend who I shall call B in this post).

The thing is, B actually invited me to church. There was a program happening and B thought it would be nice if I received the blessings that came along with the program. So I went. We did not stay till the end of the service (and thank God we did not. It started by 10am and ended by 4pm). It was one of those adult dominated anglican churches, the type that requires you to stand up every 10mins, read hymns every other 10mins and clap after every form of movement (you honestly can’t blame me for wanting to leave).

When we left B said we should have lunch, I honestly did not care where as long as I ate and did not die of hunger. We drove around, I was really unaware of where we were going. I just sat in the car and was enjoying the air conditioner since it was roatsing hot outside.

B suddenly stoppend at a closed street and I was like “okaaay”. 

We got down, entered a building and I think I stopped breathing. We had just entered a restaurant of sorts…or was it an art gallery? I did not know for sure but what I knew for a fact was that the lovely smell of food in the air, the soothing sound of brass in my ears and those beautiful paintings all combined wonderfully and I absolutely loved it. The restaurant had this retro 60’s feel to it, and you all know how I love old things (sugar daddies not included). The restaurant (whose name I found out to be Cafe Chrysallis) was quite full and we got shown by a waiteress to a table for two.


As if the day couldn’t have gone better, we had apparently walked in on what is a mammoth buffet (talk about the angel of food understanding my current plight). I wish I was heavy eater, I would have eaten alot. But thanks to the small size of my stomach, I did not. I had Jollof rice, vegetable rice, shredded beef sauce and beef stew (I cannot remember exactly what B had but I know B’s plate was full).


The food was delicious and there was alot of sweet stuff for a sweet tooth like me…I had chocolate cake,ice cream (mint, chocolate and vanilla), ice tea, fruit salad and a bottle of sprite (and again i forgot to take note of what B was having)…. I had fun, I almost did not want to leave.

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B and I ate, drank, laughed, took pictures, looked around and just enjoyed ourselves.


I had a day filled with jazz and flavour.

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B really made my Sunday.



8 thoughts on “Jazz and Flavours

  1. Mr B has a really gud taste. All dat food 😋 jazz lyf can be so cool, not experienced one before just d ones i see in muvees but I’m sure I’d enjoy it. About d restaurant, z it in ib?


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