First Bloggers Meet

I am probably the last person to blog about this event. But hey! who cares. As long as it is documented  that is all that matters.

PS: I had issues with my phone and it made it almost impossible to blog.

I attended my very first bloggers forum in October. I did not want to go from the onset giving that I am not a people person and did not want to feel intimidated by other grown bloggers.

For some funny reason I ended up paying and attending.

Did I enjoy myself? Yes.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!


The forum was super amazing. I did not believe it would be so relaxed, in my mind i had pictured a serious meeting where tech, gadgets and programming would be discussed all day.

The forum was organized by Colors and Grey (which is headed by Dako Alice) and sponsored by a few brands. I found the event quite exciting and well organized. It took place at Mauve Lounge in the city of Ibadan. The location was very cozy, the bloggers I met were super friendly and the program was very interactive. It felt more like a hangout than a serious meet. The best part is we left with goody bags (from beauty products to hair pieces and many more).


Dako Alice


Alice still…..


see how pretty tosin looks


lunch lunch

I like the fact that I was able to put a face to most of the blogs I read. I really had a nice time and I’m looking forward to posts collaboration with some of the bloggers and photographers I met.


seun (ordinaryandart)

If you ever stumble on any program being organized by Colors and Grey I totally recommend/advice you go. You would get the insight you need and would have an amazing time doing it.


Follow them on Instagram: @colorsandgrey

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7 thoughts on “First Bloggers Meet

  1. Better late than never 😉 heard so much about d event, sounds like it was really fun 👍 i love how simple ur outfit looks nd ur hair too, cornrows shee but with brazillian wool? probably making dat next 😍btw, now following u on IG 😀


    • Abi.
      The event was fun and super helpful. You should attend it next time.
      Yes my hair style was cornrows and I used brazillian wool.
      I will follow back as soon as I get my phone fixed.
      Thank you so so much.


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