Product Review-African Naturalistas

Last week was a bumpy ride for me.  I had crazy mood swings and that did not help the fact that I had deadlines to meet at work. Good news is my phone is getting fixed and I can not wait to have it back to normal.

I am starting the week with something new…a product review. This is my first product review and I have taken my time to use and give my honest judgement on the product.

I got this product at the CAG Bloggers Forum I attended (read about it here)

Product to be reviewed: African Naturalistas Black Moisturizing Natural Shampoo


You might have heard of African Naturalistas before now, if you haven’t its not a problem. They are a body who produce natural hair products. They have not been in the industry for a long time but they have surely made their mark.


The shampoo smells and looks amazing, I was tempted to taste it. It looks like condensed milk. It has a fantastic texture, absolutely smooth to touch (the feeling is just nice).It is made with the best and finest quality natural ingredients and it is sulfate free. plus it is made in Nigeria, this made me really proud.


If you have very full/product demanding hair I am not sure this is the product for you since it comes in a 250ml bottle and quite an amount of the  product is needed to have your hair very clean (but i guess that part can always be sorted out). It works better on people with short natural hair or any length of relaxed hair.



It goes for a passable price. From my findings it is sold at the rang of 2500 Naira to 2700 Naira. This gets a 55% from me


The packaging gets a 90% from me. It is absolutely beautiful. It is a 250ml bottle. Simple and classy.


This is a high quality product. Top notch. I was absolutely impressed. It was made to perfection. The quality of the Ingredients and even the bottles used to pack them is excellent.



The Afriacan Naturalistas black moisturizing shampoo is a great product. It is smells amazing, feels beautiful and leaves your hair feeling soft and clean. It is definitely a product to try.


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