My Lagos Tale

The moment one steps out of Lagos it feels like a new life has begun (a new life really begins). Lagos is the most stressful place I have been, I can’t believe I survived all these years.

I was in Ibadan for a while and my stay was amazing. I enjoyed it there, it is far more peaceful and less populated than Lagos state.

What exactly is the Lagos tale?

I recently came back from Ibadan.I could not recognize Lagos again. I forgot how to live in this crazy place. Traffic is terrible, things are expensive and the pollution has almost killed me.

Photo credit : @_abuchi_

To top it all I got the worse sort of welcoming from Lagos. I almost got kidnapped, I really don’t want to go too deep into the story so I’d just give a summary. I took a cab from Ojota and I was headed towards Ikeja. I found myself on the way to Oshodi. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I escaped the drama.

I don’t think I had time to settle before phone calls began to troop in. It was just crazy. I was running from one program to the other and from a friends place to the other. To top it up my mum dragged me with her to the market.

Where my mum dragged me to

My body has not been happy with me.It is seriously demanding a break from all this craze,unfortunately for me it is just impossible. I just want to sleep.

Irrespective of my complain…please feel free to contact me if you want us to work together. I am available.

I know….I’m crazy like that.

I’m crazy like Lagos.


13 thoughts on “My Lagos Tale

  1. Glad to hear U’re safe. I’m ib-based but i was shuffling btw lag nd ib for d last 3 months or so, d last tym i was in lag was ova 10 yrs ago nd i always sed i can’t live in lagos till i went 3 months ago. Yea Ib z peaceful nd der ar fun places ere but i love d energy lagos gives me. God lagos z stressful, call me weird but i lyk stress πŸ™ˆ just so i cam complain later how stressed i am lol.


  2. Loool!!! This post reminds of one of my YouTube videos titled I hate lagos.. You can check it out on my blog
    See ehn, I know exactly how you feel trust me.. I do I live in lagos and it’s hell!! It’s frustrating and exhausting. The fact that you have to take danfo everywhere, the people pushing you in the market, etc.
    Welcome to lagos dear..we should probably meet sometime lol.

    And ibadan is not all that jo! Ahnahn


    • Ohh my. You understand. I almost went insane when someone with sweaty body was touching me in the market. I was so disgusted.
      The hustle for bus is not even a small thing at all.
      I will definitely check out your post…and we should work on the meeting part.πŸ˜‰

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  3. Bolu pls dis is Wunmi reali need an advice I want to start a business nd I don’t know wat I shld reali invest in. Just tell me wat you tink.




  4. Aww this made me so nostalgic. I was born in Lagos and lived there till last year when I moved to England for school. I miss it soooo much gosh. You’re very correct, Lagos is stressful! If you can live in Lagos, you can live anywhere lol. I’m so glad you’re safe. Great post. xx


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