IITA: exploring a little

One thing I love about where I interned is the fact I got to explore, go places and learn a lot. One of the places I visited was IITA.


IITA (The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) is located in Ibadan. It is known for its research on agricultural products such as cassava, yam,soybean and cowpea. Its aim is to ruduce poverty and make farming easier and better for farmers.

An iroko tree

Women making garri.

My experience.

With that said I would go on with my experience at IITA.

When I got to IITA one thing I noticed for sure was how beautiful the grass looked. It was cut to perfection and smelt and looked absolutely fresh.

The grass looks beautiful

We had a lot of research talk and all…but that is not what I was really interested in. The hospitality part of IITA which the public is not really awear of is one of the best in Ibadan.

Being a research industry you are sure to know  the food is of absolute quality. IITA has hotels, a gym, bird watching club, a lake, a pool, a lawn tennis court, beautiful restaurant, pleasant environment and so much more. It is far more than “plants and food”

Beautiful tent in the garden. This is where the bird watchers meet.

The outer extension of the restaurant

Me sitting at the outer extension of the restaurant

The fish pond

The lake

At the tennis court

I had the opportunity to eat some of the meals served there and I totally loved it. I also found out the prices are very affordable (and I’m not just saying this to sweet talk you). You actually get top notch food at very affordable prices. I was very surprised… And impressed too.

Some Asian sauce and rice.

The chefs special

The chefs special also

Most amazing chicken and chips

This an Indian sauce and rice with spiced bread

One thing I noticed about IITA is their love for art. African art and craft. Every office, shop and even the restaurant is decorated with lovely art works which speaks volume of what they do and what they are all about. I noticed the table clothes in the restaurants had prints of women carrying yam and cassava. It was so beautiful.

I could not get mu eyes off these beauty.

It is very obviously that IITA was diligently planed for. Everything screams perfection. From the arrangements of the cutleries to the colors of table clothes to departments in the organization. 

This bread and every thing made from flour is made from cassave flour in iita.

I had a swell time in IITA. I learnt a lot of stuffs and I will surely visit them again if I get the chance to.

Some other pictures we took.

This is where all the cool stuffs are sold. Face caps, tote bags, throw pillows, water bottles… just name it

Aniekan Paul Williams….. He’s so tired of me

I took this picture myself. I’m so proud of it

Photo credit: @aniekan.williams

Hair: @kinkycrowns

Where do you think I should visit next? Kindly comment below. Or would you love me to visit your restaurant? Kindly fill my work with me form here.

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21 thoughts on “IITA: exploring a little

  1. Dis z IITA? Wow, all dat food 😍 lyk dis z IITA? Oh wow. All dat beauty in one place. I v to visit der one day. Really nice post, pls do more of dis plsssss,really enjoyed evry bit of this post. Nd d pictures are beautiful 👏


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  3. Totally love this post. and the pictures 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😍very unique. Am so visiting this place whenever I come to ibadan


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    • Lmaoo…I known for sure that iita try to make their food and services quite affordable. Like their pizza is about 900naira. I did not get the price of their accommodation. But I was told by a friend that its affordable


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