Product review: Eco styler gel

You know when you are in the midst of people you just met and the most embarrassing thing happens to you?

Yep. It happened. When I visited iita (click on the iita if you missed the post) with some people from work we were given a tour. We got to where they carry out research on cassava and products made with it. I had the most delicious cassava cake ever. I was there all smiles and having fun, I decided to have water when someone said something very very funny while the water was in my oesophagus…I laughed and chocked on the water! I had water running out of my nose!! I was so so….embarrassed. I wanted to disappear but that didn’t happen. I was given a nickname “beautiful water fountain” . well…at least I was called beautiful.

How has your week been? Mine has been super duper busy. Great things are happening and I can’t wait for Christmas. If you’re a new reader welcome, feel free to read some of my previous post and subscribe to the blog if you love it.
Product to be reviewed: Eco Styler Gel

I got these products from @kinkycrowns ( this is the best brand I worked with this year) . The eco styler gel comes in verieties:crystal, argan oil, oilve oil, protein, etc.

I will be reviewing the crystal, argan oil and oilve oil gels.

The Eco styler gel is a very popular brand, most naturalist and non naturalist use this product. It is a trusted brand.


The Eco styler is smooth to touch, cool and attractive. It is made from quality ingredients. Its hold on your hair is nice no matter the texture or length of your hair. It is also alcohol free which means it does not leave your hair all dry and dead after usage. I love all three samples I got. They had really good holds…it makes it hard to pick a favorite.


It is very difficult to criticize this product. It was made to perfection. The only con I can mention is the whiteish look it has when water touches it ( but it disappears as it dries). Plus it has tendencies of being flaky. Also the print on the body of the container tends to rub off after a while.


It goes for a wonderful price. This is one of the most affordable hair gel I know. It is affordable and of high quality. It goes for 1200 naira to 1350 naira for the small size. And 3500 naira to 4000 naira for the big size.


The packaging of the product is beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

This is the sample size that was given to me. It is not for sale or available for retail


I can vouch for the quality of this product. It is top notch. I used so many other gels before using Eco styler and trust me…this is one of the best product out there.


The Eco styler gel is an affordable hair gel, made with quality ingredients and protects your hair even when it holds it. It does not break or shorten your hair length plus it contains other ingredients which promotes hair growth. This is the gel you need for all the slaying styles.

Don’t forget to patronize @kinkycrowns. You’d get your hair products cheaper than anywhere else. Try them. Plus if you tell them you are from “Tife” you’d get an extra discount.


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