2016 in view

I wish I had some interesting story or sarcastic thing to say to start off this post….but then I don’t. So I’d just begin.

2016 has been an amazing year for me. One thing I definitely learnt is patience. If you want something you have to be patient and persevere too.

With that said this is my 2016 in view.
I started the blog six months ago. I have struggled ( it has really been a struggle to be consistent) to have 33 awesome posts up and today as we say goodbye to 2016 I’d love to go back and tell you my favorite posts so far

NB: all post titles are direct links to the post. Feel free to click on them and read them.

Most viewed posts

Glimpse of luck

Party jollof rice

Least viewed post.

Eco style gel review

Most liked post.

Dots and stripes

Party Jollof Rice

Most Commented Post.

Party Jollof Rice

Most shared post.

monochromatic kinks

My personal favorites.

Monochromatic kinks

Spontaneous Pizza

Party Jollof Rice

Jazz and flavors


Looking back I see I have come a long way both in content and quality.

Most of my views came from Nigeria, USA and UK.

Mz Jolade is my most interactive reader of 2016.

I have so many favorite blogs, I’ve read so many posts its hard to pick which blog stood out the most for me. But overall food blogs are my favorite.

I really wish I had a giveaway this year but I guess that will happen next year.

Thank you so much for sticking with me this year and making it lovely for me. To everyone who helped me and brands that worked with me or contacted me i am really grateful. I wish you all the wonderful stuff you want. Hope next year will be better for us all .



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