January ’17

This post should have been up a few days ago but I’ve been buried in books. My neighbor (who is in her final year in high school) brought her “Christmas mathematics” assignment to me. They were 200 questions there.

I have not touched anything mathematics in almost 2 years now. But in order to keep my reputation as senior (you know how it is in Nigeria now), I accepted the challenge.

My brain has been busy. My entire body aches and my head has been pounding for days. It is not a funny matter at all. To worsen the matter, I see the girl everyday going out all dressed up and smiles while I sit in my house with PJs all day trying to solve the crazy assignment.

Blissful 2017 everyone!!

This is my first post this year. I’m really excited about the year and all the wonderful goody bags of joy coming along with it.

In order not to make this post a bore…I’d go straight to the point.

January 2017 goals.

I don’t have much goals set for this month as I will be occupied with so much activities. These are the few I hope to achieve before the end of the month.

  1. Dental health. This month I plan to pay more attention to the health of my teeth. I can’t be a fine girl with unhealthy teeth.
  2. Punctuality. Its so important. I’m always late. I’m not even sure when it became so bad but it needs to end. I have to be on time all the time!
  3. More organized. I really need to have a scale of preference. Know what should come first and when things should be done. I’m so used to just jumbling everything and anything at the same time.
  4. Read and study more. I need to read more books (novels, motivational and spiritual books) and I really need to study as much as I can. I have some important stuffs coming up soon and I need to be prepared for them.
  5. Brushen up my skills. I draw, cook, bake and sew. But it has been a while I did any of these things. I need to practice them. So I don’t forget them. Its important to never let yourself forget a skill.
  6. Brand myself. So, even if I don’t finish or brand myself fully this month (which is very impossible), I should start working on it and taking steps to make myself and my brand better (“My brand” that sounds so nice to me). This is important, so other brands and people would feel confident when working with me.
  7. Hair and skin care. Since I’m home now, I will like to take my time to take good care of my hair and skin. So they feel, look and actually be healthy. Before I go back and start looking like one dried fish.
  8. Consistency. My biggest issue. Consistency. I need to be more consistent with quality posts to enable my blog grow bigger and better. And so my readers always have something to kill boredom ( right?)
  9. Blog features. I have been planning this forever. I believe since its a new month and a new year it is the perfect time to start my blog features. I really should meet people. ( if you are interested in working with me kindly fill my “work with me form”Β here)
  10. Grow my social media. I honestly don’t know how I’d do this yet. But I’m doing my research on it. Once my media grows, my blog grows. Plus I am learning French… Baby steps tho

These are the few things I plan and hope to achieve this month. Follow/subscribe to the blog to read more of my amazing lifestyle content.

What are your goals for the month or your new year resolutions?


13 thoughts on “January ’17

  1. My dear u tried o, I hate maths nd it’s cos I don’t even know it so I’d v ran away from it lol. I woke up jan 1st nd also decided to v white teeth, I don’t do resolutions, I don’t usually even v goals, I just decided to try d goals thingy dis year nd teeth whitening z part lol, I just woke up nd was lyk I want to v white teeth, even my family were lyk how can I just wake up nd white teeth z what comes to mind I’m lyk white teeth z goals dis 2017 anyhow nd I already started d process I’m excited πŸ˜€ I hope to grow my fashion brand too, hopefully resume blogging, get a job nd more importantly just enjoy 2017 anyhow it comes. Dunno if I already wished u a happy new year yet? If not, ere’s me wishing you a prosperous 2017.

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    • Ah, my sister white teeth is the goal. I have decided to invest and make sure it happens this year.

      I think setting goals is good and important. It helps one grow unconsciously. You just realize you are more matured and have achieve a lot in a short period.

      Plus I must enjoy this 2017. Anyhow anyhow. It is my year of enjoyment!


  2. Great post! Bolu, I really love writing but I’ve been discouraged a great deal by the article directory that keeps rejecting my article. However, I decided to start my own blog (have just 2 posts, plus many offline to be uploaded). Having learned that a way you can grow your blog is by guest-posting on other blogs. You can be sure I’ll like to work with you and get a new start to this writing stuff. here’s my blog jkmatthew.wordress.com And, lest I forget, we attended the same primary school and I was the head prefect then.


  3. The maths part cracked me up. Pele.
    I’ve set quite a few for myself including growing my social media. My friend and I decided to set our separate goals and share them and help ourselves. Giving each other reminders and suggestions. If you need a buddy for that, I’m here for you. it isn’t easy but definitely we will get there.hopefully you’ll crush most of them.

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    • Growing of social media is sooo important.

      I like the idea of having a buddy remind you, it help you grow and achieve things better and faster. I’m just so much of a lone ranger… I need to change…

      I really do hope to crush most of them

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  4. Hey Tife,
    This is my first time on your blog and I’m impressed. πŸ˜€
    I like that your goals are actually realistic and aren’t all muddled up.
    I hope you work towards getting them accomplished successfully.

    Have an amazing 2017.


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