Product review: Oriflame hydrating body lotion

Last week was the most mentally stressful week I’ve had in a long time. I was so tired I started talking crap. I told my sister to try the honey sugar exfoliant (will put up how to make and use this soon) because she kept complaining about how her skin was. Few days later the change was so obvious, her skin was looking way better. Because of my stressed stated I asked her

“How does your feel skill”

Instead of “how does your skin feel”

She had a good laugh. And that is just one of the many trash I kept saying all week.

I’m so hoping this does not repeat it self. Stress is not good.

Product to be reviewed: oriflame hydrating body lotion.

I got this product as a gift(technically it was given to my mum…but you know how these things go). I have been using it now for almost Two months and my skin can feel the difference. Even during the harmattan season, this product was a skin saver.
The oriflame hydrating body lotion is not a made in Nigeria product. It is made in Poland. Oriflame is a Swedish brand, well know for its verity of body product which have been tested and proven to be top quality stuff.


The orifalme hydrating body lotion is amazing. It contains sesame oil which helps the skin to remain soft. It also moisturizes for 24hrs, your skin will feel no form of dryness all day. This product won my heart as it is not perfumed so much but has a soft sweet fragrance.


I don’t have any major con. The only thing I can say is the product is not readily available everywhere.


This product is quite pricy but is worth every penny. It is sold for 3450 – 5000 naira. (I know its expensive. But its a really good product).


The oriflame brand is known for its quality. This product does not fall short when it comes to that. The ingredients used are all skin friendly and of great quality.


The product comes in a 400ml sized bottle. It has a very simple and minimal look. Not too many colors or disturbing graphics. Just minimal and simple. Perfect.


The orifalme brand is not a new one when it comes to beauty products. They have been in existence for a hundred years now. It is a trusted . the hydrating body lotion is one of the most amazing body lotions I have laid my hand on. It might be a bit too pricy for some people but in must say it is worth every penny.

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2 thoughts on “Product review: Oriflame hydrating body lotion

  1. Oh wow! My mom was actually given this lotion too and yeah I know how it goes! Lol. We both use it. I’ve not used it for a while to see results, but with this post, I hope for the best. Thanks for sharing.


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