February ’17

Its really one thing to write your goals, trust me its another thing to achieve them.

Before I get talking on my goals and all I need to just express my anger towards Eco bank.

I wanted to pay for the upcoming CAG bloggers forum and I needed to do it in an Eco bank. I tried doing a mobile transfer but gt bank would not just cooperate with me. I was left with no choice but an over the counter transaction…the issue was I did not know any Eco bank around. I googled it and found one, it was quite far from where I was but I went anyway. I did not want to go alone so I dragged a friend along. My dear readers it wasn’t funny, we walked the walk of the Israelite that day. I kept asking for directions (the worst thing that can happen to you in Nigeria. I was getting all sort of descriptions). At the end of the day I found the Eco bank…but they had moved. When I found the second Eco bank it was in the next street (which means I did the same walk twice: walking out of the street and entering the next). The worset part was they were two banks!!! They were opposite each other!!! And they were performing the same functions!!! In fact I was short of words…

FIRST a quick summary of what happened to my January goals.

I actually achieved most of them… It was just ; consistency, punctuality and brushing up my skills that had some loop holes. You can read my January goals here.
Plus some things are being crossed of my bucket list

This month is already looking good for me. I only have a few goals (very few) because I have a lot on my plate and I need to slow down.

Save more

I have a lot of expenses coming my way. These are things I cannot avoid but in all, I really plan to save. And I mean real savings.


I know a friend who is always mad at me because she believes I’m not consistent in my blogging. She says she’s always looking forward to new posts. I really need to work on this.

No procrastination

Like my mum would say “procrastination is a thief”. It actually really robs us of a lot of opportunities. I need to stop procrastinating things and just do them.

Study more

Like I said earlier February is a packed month for me. I really need to study more. I am lagging behind on a lot of things I should not be.

Take bold steps

I have quite a lot of things planned and a lot of places I want to visit…but at the end of the day when the opportunity to do most of these things come… I just Chicken out!! This is my month of bold steps. I need to grab the opportunities and make some serious decisions too.

That should be all for February. I have some new stuff coming up on the blog…a few changes and more interesting contents.

Thanks for reading. Don’t miss out on the fun. Subscribe to/ follow the blog. You won’t regret it.



11 thoughts on “February ’17

  1. Oh dear! You had a horrible experience! Pele. I cant imagine you queuing up for long before being attended to sef(another annoying experience) .
    January was more like a warm up month. February is the beginning of 2017 for most people. Lol. I need to start saving too! Yes oo, we need more of your posts please.


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  2. Eco bank z a useless bank, it always has bin. Even in ibadan d few places u can find dem u alwuys see 2 of dem besyd each oda, who thinks dat way? smh. Happy new month to you dear nd I’m excited about d new stuffs u v for d blog nd I hope u meet up with ur goals.


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