The Dare Experience…

I’m I not the luckiest girl in the world or what??!

Before that, I have been having bad luck with my teeth tho. Someone needs to help me or recommend a budget friendly dentist to me(student budget please)…I mean, I have been on this teeth matter forever.I have been faithful to my teeth care routine and yet the teeth has just decided to be stubborn and not get white…help( really I mean help me out!!)

Back to why I am lucky…so this faithful day I was just scrolling my Instagram, ( which by the way has grown…I just hit 2k followers!!! Follow me @ti_ffe) and then someone just sent me a DM. By the way, I am ALWAYS nice when you slide into my DM…because well…you never know who is who. That, my friends, was how I got a ticket to the most fun and relaxing recreational hangout.

Its been a while I had my hands on a painting brush (since I was getting into secondary school that is). It was fun to paint again. I met the most amazing people ever! If you ever hear about something like this (which you should trust I will tell you) you should attend.

This painting thingy was organized by @thedareexperience and 5and10kraftzone at @agodigardens ibadan. Their aim is to help people like you and I who are constantly stressed out and busy find art as a means of relaxation. I had a nice time with them and I actually felt relaxed while I painted.

Whoever said art was stress probably never tried painting…

Here are some pictures…

See my serious face

I was really feeling like an artist

Oh my…

Well what can i say…

Showing off….lol

The class (the early birds tho)….ohh and moji (the girl in all black behind me) owns the dare experience..

See our faces

What can i say….I’ve got talent…raw talent…its just dripping off me…and i took this picture myself too

I love this picture

Can’t you just see the joy!! How can you not want to be a part of this??! How??!

Photo credit: @crosbyjuniorphotography

Edited the pictures myself tho…
Kindly check out all the mentioned pages. You’ll thank me later.



10 thoughts on “The Dare Experience…

  1. I didn’t even know what d post was about but i saw d picture nd was admiring d art not knowing d post z about d art. D paintings are beautiful nd i think it’s a beautiful thing the dare experience z doin πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ i wish i cud paint, u’ve got such a huge talent, u shud use it more often. D paintings will look really great on my wall πŸ˜€


  2. Your painting looks great, you have a great talent, the day looked great fun and a good opportunity to meet new people who share your interest.thanks for writing about it, I enjoyed reading


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