Product review: Bio Care Labs; Curls and Naturals

You know when you’ve had a long day and all you want to do is just head home, have a cold drink ( that should give you brain freeze) but then you get home and you’re locked out!!!

Yeah! You’d be mad. Very mad.

So this faithful day after all the walking about I did for my school runs in the scotching sun, I got back and I was soo tired. I just wanted to eat and sleep, only for me to get home and the door was locked. My key was not with me, I tried calling my flatmates but no one was responding. I was so mad, tired and sad that tears were rolling down my face as I sat outside. After about an hour, one of my flatmates called me back…I did not even allow him talk, I was just lashing him from every direction. When I was done and he finally spoke he asked if I had gone to meet the woman in front of out house that we give the key to…I went mute…

I was still angry but for a different reason now. I had actually passed in front of the woman’s shop, greeted her and bought sweets. She did not even tell me that my key was with her and she saw me sitting outside for one whole hour!!!

How do Nigerians think tho.

I collected the key anyway, but I was already too tired to cook or even lift paper… I just layed down and cried myself to sleep.

Product to be reviewed: BioCare Labs Curls and Naturals (shampoo and leave-in-conditioner)

So I got these samples when I purchased my hair products from @kinkycrowns. I had never even heard about this brand before then, I’m glad she gave me to try.
I Googled them, I was impressed with what I saw, it is a cosmetic brand boasting of world class products from haircare to skincare. I also saw some videos. The bio care is a good brand. That I can say from my experience check them at


This is from a wonderful brand. They really took their time to make something that would be worth your money. The shampoo cleaned my hair so nice. It had a beautiful fragrance and my hair did not feel dry after use. The shampoo is sulfate free and safe for your natural hair. The leave in conditioner also had a wonderful smell. I was impressed with the results and the best part is you only need small quantity for amazing results.


I honestly cannot fault this product. It was just beautiful. And I enjoyed using it even if it was just a one time thing.


I really love the look of this product. Although I got the sample size I went ahead to look for what the actual product looks like. It is packaged beautifully. I love the graphics, color and container. Lovely really.


This product is of wonderful quality. One of the best I’ve placed my hands on. The shampoo and leave-in are really smooth to touch. The look is wonderful and the blend of ingredients is perfect.


Kinky crowns doesn’t have the product presently so I could not get a price from her. I went ahead to look for it (trust me) I did not find it. I found another range of their products here on its from 4600 – 5600 naira.


The BioCare Labs products are wonderful, I have given you the go ahead to use them. You won’t regret it…you’d thank me in fact.

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7 thoughts on “Product review: Bio Care Labs; Curls and Naturals

  1. I can relate to the being locked out issue ooo. The day it happened to me ehn I could not cry me I had to wait for hours before my roommates returned it wasn’t funny . Nice review by the way πŸ‘


  2. Lol.
    Your case is even good.

    After sitting outside fuming for hours on end, I remembered I had my keys in my bag. I still smh at myself.

    Anyway, I like the way you switched into the review from your story.

    Nice post dear.
    Keep it up.


  3. In a class while reading this, and I couldn’t help but bust into laughter at the key story, sorry, it can be annoying. Lovely review by the way, beautiful layout.


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