Life In My Shoes – Mar ’17

I know I have been off for a long time…but trust me it has been for good and valid reasons.

Ever since I started blogging my life has taken a new turn…its so huge! I never actually thought some of the things I am experiencing will ever happen to me. One thing that has definitely changed is the perception people have of me. Some are good and others are not really. Some are an exaggeration of my reality while others might be below or just in tune.

I know this might be a lengthy post but I just felt like its time I put out some of my challenges as a person (human with struggles). I’m not perfect and I don’t have the whole world. This new segment of my blog aims to talk about my problems… Like real life issues and how I seem to handle them.

Life in my shoes…

I recently got into university and I must say little did I know what I was getting into. I have heard a lot about the university life and all, but its just different when you experience it. Everything I stand for is tested every single day, from my faith to my moral sense…its everything. its like I’ve been given so much freedom is scary.

I’ve never Β been the type who make friends at the snap of a finger, I’m more of the “to myself” kind of person. Having to mix with people has been a huge challenge for me. I see people and I just see too many things I don’t want to be associated with. I understand the fact that I have to mix up with people and learn new stuffs… Its just not easy.

The worse part for me is being away from my family. I mean, family is so important. Everyday I miss them more and more. I miss my best friends and the silly things we used to do. I miss the people I’m used to. I find it difficult to eat healthy and I know if I were home that would never be the case.

The responsibilities I have to carry overwhelms me. Its is the actual truth. I am constantly in shock of the responsibilities. How am I supposed to run around, attended classes all day, be spiritually inclined, put my emotions in check, have a good social life, be healthy, overcome temptations, have a mind blowing GPA, deal with peer pressure, be matured (think like the adult I am), make life changing decisions, get scholarships, manage my finances, read and just be alive!! How am I supposed to do all of that! Alone!! And still be sane. I’m just realizing how much work it is to take care of a person… Its stressful.

I’m constantly trying to find joy in everything I do. Trying to ensure that this whole burden does not weigh me down and I constantly have a smile on my face. I have cried so many times even the tears are tired of rolling down my face!

But then, I have Β learnt something. I have been stranded so many times and I’ve had to hide so many emotions and ignore even more annoying ones. I have learnt that loving your neighbor as yourself is the golden rule. I have learnt the act of sacrificial giving. I have learnt that I must always think of the next person as a reflection of myself and therefore treat the person as I would love to be treated. These things are really hard to live by…but I have learnt to live by them. They are not just spiritual rules but they are the rules which govern the earth.

I am faced with so many challenges at once but then I have also come to realize that those who trust in God cannot be left wanting and forgiveness is key in life.

I know so many would be able to relate with my issues and I would love to know how you have handled some of these challenges.

This is me being totally honest and I would appreciate sincerity from you too.

What has the life in your shoes been like?


18 thoughts on “Life In My Shoes – Mar ’17

  1. Tife Congratulations on getting a place at university. That’s a great step in growing. I was smiling when I read about all your fears because I felt that when I left home years ago. It’s a shock having to develop a new routine especially when its you who has to make the decisions. I would be disappointed if you didn’t miss your family, that shows you are human. Think of what you have learnt from your family and use it to help you develop a new routine. Mixing with new people can be daunting. There is nothing wrong with being selective in your new friendships, that’s smart and avoiding stupidity and people who drain you is smart too. I found prioritising was the key and take time out to look at what you need to do today, then bit by bit everything falls into place. Eat as healthily as you can and look after yourself then you will have the energy to grow and flourish. Adversity is good, it develops you and makes you grow, keep your faith strong, look for people who share your beliefs and interests and you will soar. Good luck.

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    • Thank you. I knew I a lot of people would be able to relate with what I wrote. I am trying my best to avoid the mistakes others have made…I have heard enough stories and it would be foolishness on my part if I fall for what I have clearly been warned against. I’m really trying to eat healthy, its honestly a lot of work.

      Thank you so much for reaching out. I really appreciate it. 😘😘😘


  2. Hi Tife, this was a very insightful read. I loved how honest it was. When I left home for school at 16, I never expected the internal uncertainty that comes with being away from friends and family members, and getting immersed in a new world as it were. You are not alone. The lessons you have learned and shared above, are proof that you will survive; that everything will fall into place at the right time.

    Three years later, and I still miss my family and friends. I have learned that communication is essential for any relationship to thrive.

    Stay Gold xx

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  3. First off, congratulations on getting into uni. Lyf itself can be overwhelming, i really do feel you on dis post. All I’d advice z stay true to urself nd what u believe in, when things just get so overwhelming, pray about it nd sleep over it, take ur tym @ things nd evrything will fall into place, u’ve got dis gurl but i must say dia tho, uni lyf z fun too so just know what nd what not to get mixed into so d fun lyd don’t take u away lol. Wud love to read posts on uni lyf πŸ˜‰


  4. I was completely overwhelmed when I got into university. Yes you’ll miss your family a lot but just try to also enjoy the time you’ll spend in school. It’s definitely hard finding a balance but just ensure God is involved and you’ll be settled. Select your friends wisely I can’t overemphasise that. Just be yourself. Don’t try to take on more than you can handle. Priority is key. This will be over before you know it. Eventually you’ll find the right balance for everything.

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