Birthday wish list

I know I know…I can’t keep shut. So my birthday is tomorrow and I know I should have put up my wish list earlier just in case I have one admirer or serious fan who would love to make my wish a reality…but then. You know they say your birthday isn’t over till the month is, so I’ll remain expectant.

Let’s get to the main deal…

What’s on my wish list!

Joel Lani hand bag

I have been in love with this @joel_lani bag since the very first day i set my eyes on them. I intended to save and get it but then…life happened and I still have not gotten the bag.

Grace Alex three knot flips

I love comfort and this flips just scream absolute comfort. I really dont have flip flops. I have more of shoes and sandals. I’ll love one of this @gafasandals beauty as a birthday gift. Its too pretty. (Plus I’m participating in a giveaway she’s having on Instagram…please kindly go to my page and help me like the picture of her white sandal my IG handle is @ti_ffe)


Olympus pen generation camera

I have been in love with this camera for a long time. I can remember when I first saw it…it was just beautiful. The Olympus pen was designed for bloggers. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Its one of the most used cameras by bloggers in the UK and us.

A birthday cake

I deserve this, don’t I? I mean come on?? So yeah, I’ll love a weird looking cake for my birthday. I Dont have any design in mind but this one is fair.

A tablet

So school has been killing. Most of my classes clash a lot. Then most of my school materials are in soft copies, I have some classes online and then I have to download most of my text books. (Tell me about it). My phones screen is quite small to read on so a tab would be wonderful for a birthday gift because its more comfortable to carry about than a laptop.

A new phone

Yep. This is important. My current phone just keeps having one issue to another. I’m tired of it. A new one would not be a bad idea.(its really needed). I’ll like something in the Samsung line tho…or any phone that can work with the otd flash drive. (An iPhone would be accepted with joy too)

Time with my best friends

I have missed them so much and they are so far. I really would love time with them. It would top my whole birthday. It would make me the happiest person, really it would. If you can get my best friends to be with me on my birthday…I don’t even know what I would do.


Because these shoes are too pretty. I mean every girl has got to have these babies in her closet!! I have been tripping for these for a long time, I had plans on getting them but then with my student budget and never ending expense on my education, its been a bit difficult getting them.


This is needed! No joke. I know a lot of you might not be able to get me what I have on my wish list but you might want to just give this pretty girl some cash to get herself something. Yeah yeah… I’ll appreciate that. You can just send me an email @ requesting for my account details. I’ll get back to you asap.

@ whowhatfab.WordPress. com

Thank you for reading. And I know even if you can’t give me anything, the time you spent reading this is enough. Dont forget to spread the word.



17 thoughts on “Birthday wish list

  1. Happy b-day! 🙂 A nice collection there is. I must admit I have never heard about this camera, but it made me interested. I am currently saving money for new camera, too and I am in a research. So, thanks for sharing.;)
    P.s. Where can I see more about this camera?


  2. Happy birthday in advance gurl nd i really do wish u check dese things off ur list pretty soon, can i get an amen? 🙌 grace alex makes d prettiest slippers, she’s quite talented, a weird cake huh? I hope dat comes thru tomorrow. All d best dear


  3. Mehn! The camera is calling my attention, I’d love to get one. A tab, a new phone and money! (all needed) Lol. lovely list tho. I hope you get all of them:)
    And yeah…Happy Birthday in advance!


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