Life In My Shoes April’17

I remember a few Sundays ago, my roommates and i spontaneously decided to go to the market immediately after church. Before then, we have been craving vegetable soup and instagram was not helping matters as we were constantly tortured with pictures of the soup and different ways which we could eat it. We bought all the ingredients needed for vegetable soup and stew (including all the orishirishi of life), then we went to our room, prepared good food and ate it!! we all could not kill ourselves…being in school should not always equal an unhealthy diet.


currently in love with BLACK MINSTREL a song by Eri Ife.

I can still remember how i felt like i was never going to survive the stress from school. it was schocking!! like my brain could not believe that such stress actually exsisted in life! But this time around the story is different.

I have watched myself grow over the last few months, it is really amazing. I have been tested by life and i believe i have passed the test successfully. We never really know ourselves till we are tested by extreme situations of life and the way we actually responds says a lot about our growth and who we really are.

I have come to understand that a lifestyle of generosity is what God wants from us. It is the way life should be lived. Being selfish or self centered never really helps anybody or makes any impact in any life. I have learnt to give and make it something i actually enjoy doing. Having an open heart to people and pouring out love like a never ending river. It feels liberating to actually love people without expectations. love inspite and not because.

I’m Rebranding. or should i say i’m thinking of rebranding. Rebranding is going to cost me some cash and i am seriously saving towards that. I think its high time i rebranded myself. I mean i’m more than just a girl who writes…i’m a business, my skill is a business and i should sell it well. With that said, i am also faced with the issue of consistency. i really do try to be consistent and bring fresh and interesting reads to my readers all the time. But the honest truth is, trying to balance school and writing is not as easy as i imagined.

Lately, i have learnt to appreciate myself more. Not to ever tell myself that a problem or situation is bigger than i am. i have strength within me and i can conquer all that i set my mind to.

And finally, i’m starting over. I feel like a new being. i’m starting over with my friendships, family, work, school…just everything that gives me the gift of providence.

That is what has been up with me of recent. Thank you for reading and taking time to catch up with my life.

and do check out this lovely album i came across here. its called the EP by ERI IFE.

you can also download it here

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9 thoughts on “Life In My Shoes April’17

  1. Starting over is great, keep at it. You didn’t say if you got your birthday wishes? Anyways I agree with appreciating yourself and the giving part. Nice post. Xo


    • Everyone that listens to the album totally loves that song. He did an amazing job.

      Thanks for reading… It’s encouraging when you say words like “heartwarming” to me . ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Liked by 1 person

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