Maple Street

My schools time table is quite funny. I have classes till 7 pm sometimes, it can be so annoying. The worse part is the class I have by 7 is my most boring course and the lecturer is the type that never wants to leave the class. The Thursday before Easter we had his class and again he did not want to leave even when his time was up. He was not even considering the fact that most of us (the students) would have to walk back to our various hostels in the dark because most of the transport services would have closed for the day. We tried all we could to chase this man out of the class, we clapped, screamed and cheered him…he still did not leave but rather kept teaching. All of a sudden the power went out in the lecture hall!!! i have never been so happy! we all started clapping and whistling. It was so funny, even the lecturer was laughing. Everyone ran out of the class before the power came back on.


I can remember the first day i heard of maple street. I thought it was a confectionery shop (i’m sure most of you did too). Maple street is a brand that makes foot wears and accesssories for both genders. It is actually owned by a medical student, Iyanu. I was so impressed when i found out. The pieces from maple street are super unique and comfortable.

You can check out her works and order for your foot wear and accessories on instagram @maplestreet_ng

Her products are very affordable

accessories: #1000 – #1500

sandals: #2500 – #3000

Shoes: #3000 – #4000

flipflops: #1800 – #2200

PS: i modeled for her…i should seriously consider modeling 

maple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunade

and the ones i modeled for…

maple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunademaple street. tife adunade.maple street. tife adunade

photo credit: ife rex imagery

instagram: @ife_rex

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13 thoughts on “Maple Street

  1. Lol I’ve had annoying lecturers like that too. There was this GES class we had to put on our phones flashlight to see what he was writing on the board. Iyanu has been in the business for about 4 years and I am indeed proud of her and her brand.


  2. Hi, I just read this post and literally ran to IG to place an order for one of the sandals. Only for me to realize that the handle there is for the photography person. Is it just me, or didn’t you leave any contact link?


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