The 1530

These past few weeks i have been experiencing insomnia. I hardly sleep. its been study non stop. I know you would go like ” she’s always talking about school and all, but then… that is my present reality. Besides exams are closing up on us. I need to study as much as I can. That aside, I have been craving puff puff like no mans business. its crazy really. There are a few places in school where they sell puff puff but it is not as nice as I like puff puff. I discovered somewhere outside school…its a little  bit far from school. I craved this puff puff so bad, I made a friend drive me all the way there…when i bought it and ate, I was almost in tears as I ate it. I did not even share the with the person that drove me there. I’m such a character…I know, trust me I know.

The 1530

I’m sure you’ll be like

“what is the 1530?”

The 1530 is a lifestyle brand. Cool right? I absolutely love the name of this brand. The brand specializes in shirts. They have awesome shirts with motivational messages printed on them.

I can remember the very day I placed my hands on one of these shirts. I was like wow!! The quality is amazing…and i’m not talking about a forever 21 kind of quality, i’m talking about a marks and spencer or HM kind of quality. I thought the shirts were imported. When I was told it was a Nigerian brand my jaw dropped!

The goal of the maker is not just to make fashionable shirts but shirts that pass across positive messages at great quality.

These shirts are not all that affordable (according to my student budget). They cost about #5000 each. But I assure you that if you buy these shirts you get your moneys worth.

PS: i also modeled for this shirt. With the way things are going i will eventually turn into a model.

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photo credit: Ife rex imagery


shirts: the 1530


models: instagram handles




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  1. Nice Write Up ma’am …. The Future You’ve Got Is A Bright & Promising One … I Woke Up Late in d Night To do This And I don’t have any regrets For visiting your page …. Keep it up

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