May ’17

Recently I heard the story of Alexandra the great and one of his warriors. According to the person who told me the story, Alexandra the great and his warriors were in a camp preparing to go to war. Alexandra the great suddenly saw one of his chief officers shouting at a young warrior. Curious, he decided to find out what exactly was happening. He walked there and asked the Chief officer what was going on. The officer then told him that the young warrior before them was being a coward and did not want to go to war. Alexandra the great asked the young warrior why he did not want to go to war,the young warrior replied saying he was afraid and did not want to die. Alexandra the great became very furious, he began to shout saying “what man would camp in the house of Alexandra the great and be afraid of death or even still fear war!!” The young warrior was so ashamed he bowed his head and kept staring at his feet. Angry Alexandra the great asked him what his name was. The young warrior did not reply. Alexandra the great asked him again, more furious this time around! The warrior stammered and the replied in an extremely low pitch “Alexandra, sir”.

what lesson is to be learnt from this story…honestly, I have forgotten but i know it has something to do with bravery.

lool…you can’t blame me for forgetting tho

ps: congratulations to me on putting up my 50th post. i’m so proud of myself!!


I know we are already half way into may…you actually should blame me even if i have the excuse that school got the better of me.

Blog collaboration

I’ve been planning to do this for a while now. One of the biggest challenges i had initially was who to have the collaboration with. Now I have changed my mind, i prefer to do my collaboration with brands first. When people finally respond to my call…then maybe there will be collaborations.

Study more

I’ve actually been studying like no mans business and yet I still feel like i’m not doing enough.  With exams knocking on the door, i’ll be joking with myself if i don’t study more than before. The goal for this month is to study till i am very comfortable and confident. I hope that happens tho.


I know you’ll say this is always in my goals…but then you can’t blame me for being human and occupied. I actually really do work hard at being consistent in my blog. But then i guess until my posts are actually consistent…i should make no excuse.

Shaping my self: standing for what i want to stand for

I did something of recent which I must say that I terribly regret. From day one before I got involved in what I was doing, my heart told me that it won’t end well…but then I resisted and surged forward. Now i’m here in a tight corner and i’d like to advice everyone to stand for what they believe, stand for who you are and never compromise your standards for anyone or anything. The goal here is to make efforts never to make such mistake again.

Healthier diet & Exercise often

My diet of recent has been what ‘ill call extremely shitty. If i don’t become obese soon i’ll most likely have kwashiorkor….and i’m being real here. Although i would not push the whole blame to myself {most of the blame falls on my broke state} but then I can actually do better with my diet. This month I intend to watch what I eat as carefully as i can and to exercise as often as i can.

Defining my style

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend and he was telling me how science oriented girls have no sense of style. He was saying we are boring and very dry too be around. I was honestly challenged after this. so the next week i was all game. A few days ago he told me how much he loved my fashion sense and how he could not believe a science oriented person could be this stylish. I don’t just want to be stylish this month…I want my style to have a tag to it. I want it defined.

Improve quality

I have to be honest with you, one of the reasons for my inconsistency is the fact that i don’t always have quality pictures to post. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now…i mean whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. i’ll like to improve the quality of the pictures that come up on the blog and also improve the quality of my posts.

what are your goals for may? what do you think of my goals?

kindly leave your comments below, i’ll love to hear from you.

plus don’t forget to share and subscribe {and confirm your subscription} to the blog. thank you so much.



9 thoughts on “May ’17

  1. My goal for this month is to push my partners and collaborators to be consistent with my post and put them up at the agreed time. 😀


    • Lmaoo….that is an awesome goal. Please make sure they do it. But Aldo consider the situations they are in too…they might be under serious pressure from school or work. So please take it easy with them


    • That is a wonderful goal. Do make sure you do that. But also consider the situations they are in and the fact that they might be under pressure from school , work or any other thing. Patience is key.


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