The Big One.

“The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad” (psalm 118:24)

I would like to officially announce that on the 31st of May 2017, my blog turned one!!

Aren’t you just happy for me. I am over joyed.

I’m putting this post up today because my first post was posted on the 3rd of June 2016. Today just seemed perfect!

PS: forgive my recent weight gain. With my face looking like puff puff and my stomach wanting to photobomb by all means.

Tife Adunade Blog

original party jollof

I can remember when I started my blog. I actually thought I would drop it before it got the chance to turn one. The journey so far has been an incredible one. I am forever grateful to myself for not giving up and actually pulling through.

tife Adunade Blog

my smile tho

My blog has helped me in so many ways. Prior to when I started this blog I was more of an introvert. Sometimes I’d get the urge to express myself (sarcasm and all) but then I had  no medium to. Most of the people around me knew only the serious side of me. It used to be really bad. When I tell a good joke it seemed like they just found gold (yep! it was that bad at a point).

Tife Adunade Blog

Blogging really helped me come out of my shell, it helped me relate with people better and build self confidence. Before blogging I’ll hardly talk when I find myself around people. Now that I write and express myself, I see how interested people get when they know i’m a blogger. I cannot help but want to talk more about it and encourage them in whatever skill they have acquired or are planning to acquire.

“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed” (psalm 20:4)

This blog has become a part of me. I always tell people that it is an extension of my person. When I’m having a terrible day or something really funny just happen to me I really just want to sit and blog about it. Always wanting people to know what happened or just to find out their opinion on certain issues.

Tife Adunade Blog

ohh caramel….ohh sweet caramel

I have encountered so many people on my blog journey. People who I would never have met if I did not pick up blogging. I have made friends who eventually turn family. And found incredible mentors. They have impacted so much in my life, helped me stay true to myself and also helped me in discovering who I am…its really incredible.

Tife Adunade Blog

One of the many great things about blogging for me is the fact that I have not just gained acknowledgement  as a blogger or recognition as a writer but I have earned respect from my peers. This is one of the most beautiful part about it.  I have gotten calls, emails, direct messages, comments and texts from both strangers and people I know. They encourage me, point out errors and sometimes tell me about writing opportunities.

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15).

Directly or indirectly I have become an inspiration to my peers. I know for sure that some of them stalk me. Wanting to know my every move and what exactly I am doing with my life.

Tife Adunade Blog

hmmm hmmm

Knowing this has made me come to the realization that I cannot live a wasteful life. I am always very conscious about the decisions I make and the way I live my life because I know people are watching me and some imitating what I do.

Tife Adunade Blog

see my face like puff puff…smh. I better do something about it

I am not where I wish I was or I want to be but I am grateful for where I am. I have come to enjoy my growth process (this I learnt from my sister), understanding the fact that it is not just about the destination but rather about the journey and the lessons we learn from it (this I learnt from church). The journey is what molds us and determine how much we would value the destination.

Tife Adunade Blog

I love this Kimono so much

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (psalm 90:12)

Its been a life shaping year for me. I am not the person I was when I started. Blogging has made me a better person.

Tife adunade blog

Thank you so much for sticking with me. Thank you for every follow, subscription, share, like and Comment. Don’t stop them. keep them coming. They help me reach so many people (another reason why you should share this post).

Tife Adunade Blog

such joy in my heart

Thank you to every brand that has worked with me, every photographer, every friend, every reader, every sacrifice made for me…I am so so grateful (i’m trying my best not to be too emotional or mushy here – I have tears rolling down my face).

Photo credit: @adedeji_majek

Kimono: @theindulgencecollection

sandals: @hadassah_pee

skirt: random buy

camisole: regular ones 

Tife Adunade Blog

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17).

Happy  birthday. The Tife Adunade Blog.

Tife Adunade Blog

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37 thoughts on “The Big One.

  1. Haքքʏ ɮɨʀtɦɖaʏ tօ ʏօʊʀ ɮʟօɢ! I աɨsɦ ɮօtɦ օʄ ʏօʊ ʟօռɢ ʟɨʄɛ aռɖ քʀօsքɛʀɨtʏ աɨtɦ ɢʀɛat ɛxքʟօɨt tօ ɨʍքaċt օռ tɦɛsɛ քʀɛsɛռt ɢɛռɛʀatɨօռs aռɖ ɢɛռɛʀatɨօռs ʊռɮօʀռ. Maʏ Aʟʍɨɢɦtʏ Gօɖ ċօռtɨռʊɛ tօ ɮʟɛss ʏօʊ աɨtɦ ɢʀɛat աɨsɖօʍ, ҡռօաʟɛɖɢɛ aռɖ ʊռɖɛʀstaռɖɨռɢ tօ ʍօʋɛ աɦat ʏօʊ ɦaʋɛ staʀtɛɖ tօ ɢʀɛatɛʀ ɦɛɨɢɦts ɨռ Jɛsʊs Naʍɛ.


  2. tears rolling really happy for you bestie remember I always told you could do it if you really want 2 so much love more grace I always gat your back bae


  3. Fyn geh 😍 happy blogeversary love, you’d still celebrate 5,10 yrs of this blog nd it will be bigger evry year. You’re doimg a great thing with d blog so keep it up greater things are coming. I lyk how u styled d kimono 👏


  4. Wow this really lovely, I think I will need a plate of joffo rice and a nice ice coke to celebrate this.😉😉😉😉, am happy for you. I think u will look better with that your eye glass, well the pictures look dude…… Am expecting my joffo rice and coke.


  5. Congratulations on 1 year blogging. The blogs are always interesting and I like the scripture inserts. The photos here are well taken and the captions made me laugh. Well done and I agree the kaftan is cool.


  6. Congratulations on your 1st blogging anniversary. Having been blogging for four years now, I can still remember my 1 st year. To be fair, my journey has not been so smooth but I am glad I have been determined through out. I enjoyed reading your experience so far and girl you have a beautiful smile. Keep on shining.


    • Thank you so much. I have come to understand that everybody’s journey differ. Some take shorter time and others longer.

      Thank you so much. I try to keep the smile up as much as I can.

      I hope you keep enjoying your blog journey. Many more fruitful years!!


  7. Happy Anniversary Cuz. You’re doing great and it’ll only get better and better. Great work so far. Keep it up.
    Sorry it’s coming late though👌✌


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