Weekend gist : Crush tragedy

We all know i’m in school…and then school has a lot of drama that comes with it. Since we will be discussing love and fairy tales soon, i’ll like to talk about my crush tragedy

Don’t go all hmmm and hmmmmmm on me! i’m allowed to have crushes. I’m human, a female and a young adult. So excuse me if I have emotions flying around or I have too many crushes…just blame it on the hormones moving around in my body – they keep messing with my head and heart…whoosh!!!

I won’t give too many descriptions on my crush just so he does not know he is the one i’m talking about….Just in case he is reading this post.

The crush tragedy

There is this boy in my faculty. I won’t hype his looks too much…but then he is “good looking” {I know you understand} and he has this charisma that just makes me go like “woow”. Maybe its because i’m not so out there.

Anyway, on this faithful day I went to the cafeteria with a friend because I was having a bad day and I just needed company. My friend and I were having noodles, laughing and all. Suddenly Mr crush walks in…as usual a silly smile creeps up my face and I begin to glow like the sun {I know, I know I can be really silly}.

I start eye stalking him and just smiling sheepishly to myself. Mean while my noodles was busy getting cold. I noticed he was talking to himself and a bit distracted. At this point my friend said something really funny so my attention was off him for a bit.

When I was done laughing at my friends’ silly joke {he has to be the funniest and most real human being I have ever met} I resumed my stalking. Only this time when I turned to look at Mr Crush he was looking at me!! Ahhh!!! I was like ahhh!!!! and awwwwnn!! and all fireworks!! The best part about this moment was when he smiled, waved and said “hi”. Trust me!!!…..ehhhhh!!…. I was like a erupting volcano! My God!! the emotions that dwell in us tho. {just so you know, non of the emotions were expressed. I had a cool calm face all this time}.

Ohhh….and of course I waved and said “hi” back.

Dan dan dan…all that was short lived when I noticed someone beside him turn around.


She was very pretty. Actually she is a friend’s friend. I know her and she knows me. She’s one of those girls that are just simple and real. And she is very very pretty. Good body shape, awesome carriage, incredible simple but classy sense of fashion and an amazing personality {not that i’m not all of this or I can’t beat it…but then….}.

She waved at me too. I had to maintain the same facial expression and wave back while my heart was crumbling into 10 billion tiny pieces. But then I told myself “you can’t just conclude that he likes her”.

Loo and behold he turned to look at her and tell her something. And I saw the look! I saw the look people!! I SAW “the look. He likes her.

Eventually they left {they just had to. God would not have let them stay and torture his little angel}. And I tried convincing myself that stuffs like this happens and I should not be silly but continue my meal. After all, life goes on.

Yeah yeah….I wish. I sat there ate my cold noodles and drank chilled zobo while my heart was being crushed into uncountable pieces!! And my friend totally oblivious to all that just happened.

Well…life happens, crushes happen. It doesn’t mean the crush is totally gone tho…i’m just saying…

How is your week going?

My crush tragedy.

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31 thoughts on “Weekend gist : Crush tragedy

  1. Tifeeeeeeeeeee m reeling in laughter ryt nao 😂 post was too funny, oh i shouldn’t be laughing sorry dear 😊😂
    Maybe she’s his cousin? 😉 lol
    Crushes eh, they come nd go, you’d find you anoda crush maybe dis tym you both will v a perfect sync, just maybe. Maybe dis one sef will come baq lyk i sed she cud b hia cousin lol.


    • That day it was not even funny. But then…we thank God. I survived it!

      I’m so sure she is not his cousin. She is not related to him.in anyway sef.

      That One day will come and will find my crush that we would sync


  2. OK so it wasn’t meant to be, I’m sure he isn’t that perfect but the illusion sounds nice while it lasted. Remember there will be someone on campus looking at you, you’ve just got to spot them, have fun.


  3. Lol.. this is really “Crush​ Tragedy”. Everyone has said it all.. it’s either him or another. I see you guys talking some more (think I just had a vision)


  4. Laughing here but feeling sorry at the same time. That’s the thing about crushes, they will crust you in the end. I remember some of my experiences. It’s annoying though the guys you like don’t usually like you back while the guys you don’t like, like you. But one day it will be mutual and best believe it’s so beautiful. I’m glad you waved back at the girl tho

    Princess Audu


  5. If it does not crush you, it will kill you. Sometime we feel infatuation for people who we feel fit us or we think are meant for us. But regardless, try your luck. The girl he seemed into could be just a friend, you never know


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