Bucket list

Bucket list

Here is  the “out-of-my-comfort-zone” list of things I really want to do. This is a list for the next two years. Some might not be as crazy as you expect (might not do all of it tho)

The 2-year Bucket List.

  1. Try the vegan life for at least two weeks
  2. Do a kakaraoke
  3. Attend a ballet coconcert
  4. Model for a product – done!
  5.  Be a brand ambassador – done!
  6. Prepare a meal that tastes and looks professional
  7. Learn how to speak French or Spanish or maybe Dutch
  8. Wear an actual bikini
  9. Get a temporary tattoo
  10. Travel to at least 3 states ( not in western Nigeria
  11. Learn how to swim
  12. Visit the castle in Kaduna
  13. Cover a magazine
  14. Travel to other African countries (I’m thinking Gambia or South Africa or maybe Nairobi)
  15. Take a train
  16. Visit a resort (those really fancy ones)
  17. Visit another continent
  18. Donate to an NGO
  19. Learn to use chop sticks
  20. Have “the body” ( I hope this happens tho)
  21. Work with at least 20 brands (in my dreams right)
  22. Have my YouTube channel operating fully.
  23. Take a ferry or boat or ship just a form of transportation on water – done!
  24. Join an NGO
  25. Learn sign language (at least the basics)
  26. Attend a live football game {i’m talking between states or countries or clubs}

These are the few I could come up with for now. I will update them regularly.

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