2016 in view

I wish I had some interesting story or sarcastic thing to say to start off this post….but then I don’t. So I’d just begin. 

2016 has been an amazing year for me. One thing I definitely learnt is patience. If you want something you have to be patient and persevere too.

With that said this is my 2016 in view.
I started the blog six months ago. I have struggled ( it has really been a struggle to be consistent) to have 33 awesome posts up and today as we say goodbye to 2016 I’d love to go back and tell you my favorite posts so far 

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Looking back I see I have come a long way both in content and quality.

Most of my views came from Nigeria, USA and UK.

Mz Jolade is my most interactive reader of 2016.

I have so many favorite blogs, I’ve read so many posts its hard to pick which blog stood out the most for me. But overall food blogs are my favorite.

I really wish I had a giveaway this year but I guess that will happen next year. 

Thank you so much for sticking with me this year and making it lovely for me. To everyone who helped me and brands that worked with me or contacted me i am really grateful. I wish you all the wonderful stuff you want. Hope next year will be better for us all .


Ekiti : conquering the giant (3)

Worrying is the worst thing you can do. It makes simple situations seem extremely out of control. It makes you lose opportunities……funny thing is I’m the queen of worry.

September 5th

The dee- day.

Lola woke me up. According to her we woke up late, she claimed we should have been up earlier. It was few minutes to six and I wanted to sleep badly. I stood up had my bath and dressed up. Funny thing is Lola took more time as she was trying to draw her brows.

*roll my eyes*

We got dressed and left the house with nurse. The journey to Eksu was long, I was just tired and wanted to sleep. It felt like we were traveling.

When we got to the school I was so happy. We crossed over and entered the gates.


The school is beautiful but not all that beautiful…I took some pictures. I was not feeling any form of anxiety at all. I just wanted to get the whole thing over with.





Oh and by the way I looked very nice.
I was pissed at Lola for putting on jeans…she just amazes me.





Lola found her screening hall before I did. I walked back and fort before I found mine. I was so tired. The allocation of centres was  kind of disorganized to me, I felt the school could have done better.
I finally found my hall…it looked nice. All the candidates had a brief meeting with the school authorities before the interview began.

On getting to my hall I found out that the medical applicants were very few compared to other departments. It was dominated by females…I was very calm and collected.



Seeing the faces of my competitors so to say….butterflies began to perch in my stomach.

My God!! Their faces were freaking serious!

I felt like the only smiling person. Most of the guys looked total medical material… It made me feel somehow. I had to assure myself I looked like a doctor too. The school really did not take our time, the interview was fast.

I was all calm till it was almost my turn. We had a panel that we had to face ( two men and two women), the women looked very strict. I was praying to be accessed by the men. Not too many people came back smiling after their interview.


I was sooo sooo scared at this point.

The boys behind me made me feel a little better with the insane jokes they were making out of the situation. When it was my turn I got up, unfortunately for me my leg scratched the chair.

Damn!!! Oh my!!! Ah!!!!

The pain I felt was shocking. I still kept my cool and went in front of the panel. I greeted them very well. As I stood, one of the ladies notice my leg was bleeding

I could feel the blood flowing down!! Ewww!!


Why me? Why now?

She handed me some tissue and felt very sorry. That immediately won me the soft side of the panel. I answered my questions with a smile on my face. The panel said they were very impressed with me and loved my outfit.

I walked back took my stuffs and left the hall. As soon as I got out I just thought to myself

So what was all the fear for?

I looked at my leg. Ah! it was something. Lola later made fun of it and said the cut looked like a Nike logo.


Chai!! Wonders would not end.

I had a friend around who treated Lola and I to lunch. We had rice and i was annoyed at the quantity and quality of the rice I got for the ridiculous price.



After lunch we gisted and parted ways with my other friend. Lola and I went back home.



Ekiti was full of hills. It looked nice and Lola loved them. The governor’s house is built on one of the tallest hill in the capital of the state and can be seen from any part of the capital. It was just lovely.


As soon as we got home I went straight to the room to sleep. Boy was I tired!

My phone died I could not contact anyone when I woke up, but I was super positive I had tons of messages. I wanted to leave for Ibadan but nurse and Lola would not let me. They enjoyed my company and wanted me to stay one more day.

September 6th

I am really grateful to nurse. I don’t know anyone who would take a total stranger in for three days and treat them like family. She felt like family. She even reminded me so much of my mum.

I woke up early, had my bath said my thanks to nurse and her family for accommodating me and off I was to Ibadan.


I got to the park and had to wait. The bus left about 10:50am the journey seemed faster this time around. I slept a bit in the vehicle. When we got to Ibadan I was so glad. We got here about 2:03pm.


I went on to take a bike to my final destination. The bike man was just not willing to bend to my price. I had to speak Yoruba the way I had never spoken and interact well with him before he agreed to drive me.

We got caught up in the rain and had to wait a bit. It was all good to me. My mind was at rest. When I finally got to my destination and I went in.


Everyone was happy to see me

I knew they missed me so much even if they would not admit it.

Only bad part is…they did not prepare anything for me to eat.

Honestly, I don’t get the people I stay with.

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Ekiti : a different type of fun (2)

I know I want adventure and all and I always talk passionately about it…but this sort of rushed adventure is not what I had in mind.

PS: pictures are towards the end.

September 3rd

I woke up feeling like crap. My head was aching ( and it was still wrapped). I got up went into the kitchen and put water on the gas to wash my hair.
It was the dee-day, I was traveling that day. My reality. I went out to get black soap to wash my hair. When I got back I washed my water bottle, packed the little things I needed and went on to was my hair.

I was too lazy to do any complicated hair style so I just had two flat twist done. With the hair out of the way I went to have my bath.

When I was fully dressed and packed I went over to the cobbler to pick up my shoe, only for me to get there and the dudes shop was locked!


I almost passed out. I could feel the blood drain from my face.

What on earth was I to do!

I went back home borrowed 3k from my cousin with the intention of buying myself a new pair of shoe and I left.

..around 10:45

I got to the park. The journey there was quite fast. The problem now was getting the shoe. This was the only opportunity I had, if I did not get the shoe I would have nothing to wear for the interview. I did not mind what the shoe looked like I just wanted one. I walked around for almost 15 minutes. I was really tired. I finally gave up on the search and asked a lady where I could get female shoes and she said female shoes were not sold there.

I had tears in my eyes. At the verge of dropping.

I was so freaking doomed!

After that life shocking news I gave up and started walking towards the buses. Fortunately for me I passed this old lady who would not stop greeting me and showering me with prayers until I turned towards her shop and behold!!!

Female shoes…..

I was relieved. I did not mind that they looked so fake and were in fact fake. I just wanted something to wear. I touched it and it was plastic!! Could this day get worse. I had no choice. I bought it, without even bargaining the price.


I got to the buses and boarded one. This was around 11:15. The bus did not take time to get filled and we left Ibadan for ekiti.

The journey was soo long and boring. I tried taking some pictures but they did not come out so nice.


I kept speaking with the girl I was to stay with ( I had never met her). We got to ekiti exactly 2:20.


I alighted the bus with all joy. Funny thing is the girl was in the bus that stopped next. She was so skinny ( the kind of skinny I like). She has to be one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met. Her smile is amazing and personality like a light bulb ( well I know all that because I’ve stayed with her as at now that the post is up). We exchanged pleasantries and began to talk. Few minutes later her aunt came to pick us.

The home was a lovely place. Homely.
We unpacked our luggage ( mine was just a back pack and a hand bag) rested and ate. I liked the family. Very hospitable.

September 4th

We woke up tired. My friend “Lola” was just excited. Her aunt went to work early- she’s a nurse. So we and her two daughters were home. The little daughter was one of the cutes little girls I’ve ever met while the older one was my name sake. Funny thing is she was attending a single sex school and wanted to become a doctor in future ( talk about meeting yourself).

We decide not to just sit home this Sunday but go to a church so we got dressed, ate breakfast and went church hunting. We found a church not too far from the house and attended service there. It was just funny. After church we took pictures on the road.




Lola is just pretty. Someone please tell her to become a model

When we got home we all slept. I read a bit and slept. Lola’s aunt got back around 5:12pm and prepared the most amazing meal.

Pounded yam and eforiro

Pounded yam is an ekiti food. But I had not eaten it in years. Since I was like 5.  She prepared it because of me. I was so happy.
It was absolutely delicious.







After the meal we went for a stroll. It was nice. All the anxiety I felt initially calmed down. Although they are still there, they are not just as crazy. We took a lot of pictures. When we got home I laid on the bed slept a bit woke up and prepared this post.

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Ekiti : too soon a visit (1)

I should welcome everyone to the new month. Happy new month. Personally I love the “ember” months but this month seems to be…..I don’t even know the word to use.

I got the worse kind of shock. I applied to a school sometime at the beginning of the year…and on the first of September I got a text saying they were inviting me for an interview.

I’m like..oh shit!!

What was I supposed to do. I had been to interviews but nothing academic. I was a total wreck. I quickly sent all the necessary information needed and began to freak out.

I laid down on the bed and just cried. I was happy but the anxiety and fear quickly over took the joy.

I’m thinking “what do I wear?”

Considering the fact that I’m even away from home with nothing but casuals. I just spent most of the money on me and I could not afford to buy myself clothes or shoes. I was just scared.

The fear was little compared to when I started thinking of where I’d stay. I did not have any family or friend in Ekiti. I made a few phone calls. I called  anyone and everyone!

God really loves me if not I’m so sure I would not have found someone to stay with and the best part is she also applied to the same school.


September 2nd

I woke up and started thinking of what I’d wear. With my box out, clothes scattered everywhere I tried my best to make out a formal wear out of a casual wardrobe. With the aid of my friends I finally pick out something to wear. It was not that fantastic but it was okay. As soon as I was done with the clothes I realized my shoe was bad.

“Oh my God.. Oh my God”

I was about to cry…I got dressed and went in search of a cobbler to fix this damn shoe! I cannot tell you the joy I felt when I found one. The problem was, it turned out the shoe was waaay more damaged than I thought. I had to pay more than I budget for. I got that done with my heart breaking. I had to pick my shoe the next day.

I’m broke, I’m so broke!! I’m so damn broke!!!

I got back home and just relaxed. I could not even read a thing…my brain won’t accept anything at that point. I was to leave Ibadan for Ekiti the next day. I needed all the rest I could get.

My rest turned out short because I had to wash my hair and start worrying about what I would do with it.

can this day get any better at all

I got my oils heated them and did the hot oil treatment for my hair. I wrapped the hair and let it rest till the next day. I just sat where I was and thought of all the crazy stuffs happening… I mean I was going to a state I’ve never been to before (sorry I have been there once. But it was a school trip. It was luxury not a pain in my ass), staying with a family I’ve never met and applying to a school I know nothing about and I really did not want to attend. With all these thoughts running through my mind and no one to really share them with ( no family here). I rested my head and went to bed.

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