Product review: lancôme lipsticks

I had been home for a while and did not go out at all(like I literarily did not see the sun). Being home and alone for a long time has a way of making one mellow down, it’s like you become calmer and sobber. So there I was, looking for something a bit exciting. I decided to see a movie. I saw chappie (its a movie about how one geek created a robots with feelings and all), very emotional. I did not like the way I was feeling so I decided to see another one, just to wash away the effect of the first one. Behold I saw “if I stay”. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie but if you have you would get what I’m saying. It was worse than “the fault in our stars”. I mean I went from one emotional movie to an extremely emotional movie. I was crying. I just kept crying. I could not get myself together, I cried till I slept. I honestly don’t know who sent me message, I would have just stayed on my own and enjoy the calmness of the day.

Product to be reviewed: Lancôme lipsticks.

Lancome is a well known cosmetic brand under the parent brand L’oréal. It has been in existence since 1935. It is known for its quality and uniqueness. Many top makeup artist trust and recommend this brand.
I was super excited when I received this. I was not expecting it. Although I was told I would get a gift I just did not think it would be lancôme’s product.


This product is absolutely beautiful. The colours are unique and blend excellently with the skin. When I applied it I almost thought it was a lip balm. It did not hue my lips too much ( I had to apply several layers so it will show well in my pictures). Beautiful colors beautiful blend. If you like your look natural…this brand is for you.

Peach thread. 138

So, my face is usually not this rough. I took this picture when i was yet to have a bath. Plus I’ve been stressed lately.


This brand might not be readily available. It is also quite pricy, so of you are on a student budget like me….well you’ve got to save up. If you like your lipstick all thick and dry you will not like this lipstick. It has a glossy feel (like a balm. It keeps the lips moisturized). If you also like your lipstick with solid colors that announce themselves… This won’t make you happy as it tends to blend with the skin without showing any sign of hue.

Berry silhouette. 393

I don’t know why my big nose decided to photo bomb.


The packing is quite simple. A little dull if you ask me. It just comes in a silver box with the brands name printed on it in black. As plain as it can be. No fun colors no attractive graphics.


May I mention that this product is made in Paris. If you are into fashion you should know that beauty products made in Paris never fall short when it comes to quality. This is a beautiful piece of cosmetic. Quality to the last


This lipstick is not very affordable. The brand itself is not very affordable. Like I said earlier if you are on a student budget like me you will have to save up to buy yourself these products. The lipsticks are sold at the range of 4500 – 5000 naira.(don’t look at your phone like that, I told you they were not that affordable).


The Lancôme brand is an excellent one. It has proven itself over the years. Never dropping in quality but rather it keeps getting better and better with every release. If you can afford to treat yourself to any of their beauty products ( not just makeup now) I’d advice that you do not hesitate. You won’t regret it.

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First Bloggers Meet

I am probably the last person to blog about this event. But hey! who cares. As long as it is documented  that is all that matters.

PS: I had issues with my phone and it made it almost impossible to blog.

I attended my very first bloggers forum in October. I did not want to go from the onset giving that I am not a people person and did not want to feel intimidated by other grown bloggers.

For some funny reason I ended up paying and attending.

Did I enjoy myself? Yes.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!


The forum was super amazing. I did not believe it would be so relaxed, in my mind i had pictured a serious meeting where tech, gadgets and programming would be discussed all day.

The forum was organized by Colors and Grey (which is headed by Dako Alice) and sponsored by a few brands. I found the event quite exciting and well organized. It took place at Mauve Lounge in the city of Ibadan. The location was very cozy, the bloggers I met were super friendly and the program was very interactive. It felt more like a hangout than a serious meet. The best part is we left with goody bags (from beauty products to hair pieces and many more).


Dako Alice


Alice still…..


see how pretty tosin looks


lunch lunch

I like the fact that I was able to put a face to most of the blogs I read. I really had a nice time and I’m looking forward to posts collaboration with some of the bloggers and photographers I met.


seun (ordinaryandart)

If you ever stumble on any program being organized by Colors and Grey I totally recommend/advice you go. You would get the insight you need and would have an amazing time doing it.


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Glimpse of luck

I would really not call what happened to me this previous week a glimpse of luck, but I’d love to believe its a glimpse of the whole goody bag of luck God has in store for me.

How was your week? Awesome?

Mine was amazing.

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Oh! And welcome!! all my new fantastic readers.

I have pretty much been idle for like…..forever! The wait for school has been like a never ending journey. I have tried different activities, just to pass time. Even maintaining my blog has been an issue because i seem to have run out of content.

Fortunately for me things turned around this week.

What exactly happened.


A friend’s friend happens to work in a media house ( you know how all these funny connections work). Thing is, it is not just any media house.


Its like the coolest magazine in the whole of Ibadan. ibcity info. The magazine promotes the city of ibadan, it tells you where and when things happen, its a city guide. So I got a call on Monday…which I was very surprised to get. They called to see me, for an interview.


I was so excited!!! My roomie helped me pick out what to wear and I was off. I got lost on the way tho but it was worth it. I got the job.


How I got Cassandra Ikegbune to mentor me.   

Most of you might know her as Cassie Daves. She is one of Nigeria’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers and is also a medical doctor. This makes her the perfect mentor for me ( its like seeing my future self).


If you are on twitter you would know there was an insane retweet trend up two weeks ago. For some reason instead of sending her an email like I planned to do, I hopped on this trend. To make sure I get her attention.


I asked her how many retweets to have her mentor me and get a free 2017 blog planner ( you can’t blame me for asking… I want one before anyone else)
And she responded.



With the help of my friends, followers and the amazing people on twitter I got way more than the number of retweets I needed. Plus she followed me!! We talk now. Its more amazing than you imagine.


That totally made my week.

I mean I got the most amazing job, I have an awesomely sweet boss and I have Cassandra as my mentor!!

But all of this was just the cake.

The icing on the cake.       

I miss home so much. And I have mentioned that on my blog so much. It is always nice to have someone or something that reminds you of home.

So this blessed and boring Friday I was going to see a movie. And the moment I stepped out of my place I see my best friend!!! I mean!!! I was screaming!! Everyone one around came out. I caused such a scene. I was almost in tears, I hugged her so tight. I could not believe she was here. That totally topped everything that had happened that week.

Its the best week so far this year.

Some extra pic of the magazine because I can’t get over it.





The drink is Wilson’s lemonade. I love this drink so much. Secretly hope to work with them for real someday.

How was your week?

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